Sockeye Lake Adventure

Last Saturday we were out and about..with no firm destination in mind. It had snowed, but the sun was shining. So many days were so dark and the sky is blue and filled with clouds. The sunshine was so inviting!!

The clouds are all lined up on the prairie. Far Guy said that they are all Isobars. Distinct lines of clouds all headed east.

We ended up on Sockeye Lake Road. We met two vehicles..that was it, a wood cutter and a guy with a boat.

We really need a trail map. We just kept making lefts.. I joked with Far Guy..well at least we will only be lost for a week..hunting season starts next weekend!

We ran into a mud hole..should we turn around? Far Guys says "No, we can make it " ..we have the car! Luckily it is four wheel drive.

We spot an eagle..Far Guy says "Now wasn’t that mud hole worth it? " Aw..maybe OK ..sure. Chance was worried..ever since that day that he hid on the floor by my legs in the Big Hill Country..he is a little leery of Far Guys driving. Chance wants to sit in my lap..he wants to help me take a photo of the Eagle.

Another mud hole..this is a big one..looks deep too. I am thinking that this one will turn us around. Far Guy says "No..lets go!" Well next time I should pack an oar or stop and get a push stick..because I could feel the back end of the car float .. I am not crazy..I have been in enough boats to know what floating feels like. We were definitely afloat.

Now doesn’t this look better..a very calm pot hole that is not in the middle of the road. I am a very poor judge of distances..but I should have recognized the lay of the land about this time. I used to hunt deer back in here with my brother and my Dad and many of my uncles and cousins a very long time ago. There are lots of good memories back in this area. Now there are a few more:)


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5 Responses to Sockeye Lake Adventure

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    You kept on going through puddles the size of ponds and added one more memory to your bank, this is so much fun.

  2. susan says:

    Hey we snowmobile part of tha trail in the winter it is beautiful, the deer love to walk it when the snow gets deep.

  3. PrairieWoman says:

    I don’t know Far Side, trapsing about in the back woods seems kinda scary to me. I think I would stay home, but glad you all had a good time.

  4. abra la mente says:

    I am glad you enjoy these tours of the rural areas–we all benefit from your stories and photos. Thanks!!

    my security code: chance unceasingly :-)

  5. Ms. C says:

    Far Side – another beautiful adventure…thanks for taking us along!


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