Chance: The Deer Trails

Far Side said "Let’s go for a walk!" We had to walk our deer trails last Friday. Hunting season started on Saturday and although all of our land is posted with No Hunting signs ..we try to stay out of the woods during Deer season.

Far Side likes to walk back in the woods, after the poison ivy is all frozen and has disappeared, and before the snow is too deep.

She talks to herself..brown, brown, everything is brown. Pretty soon that changes to white..white..everything is white.

Deer sign! I tell you every night they are back in here..and there is the proof.. and I will not roll in it..but it does kinda look like great little chocolate drops.

She rummaged around the old dump..

I followed the deer trails for a really long time..I lead and she follows. I did run back to the yard a few times just to check on Far Guy..I have to keep track of them both ya know…if they would both stay in their yard it would be easier:)


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2 Responses to Chance: The Deer Trails

  1. buffalogal says:

    Chance you are the best boy….to resist rolling in those chocolate drops! “Mac” used to eat S —from the sheep manure pile we used to have behind our pole barn. He was not quite as reserved and gentlemanly as you are!! GOOD BOY!
    Mac took our daughter in law’s Springer Spaniel behind the barn and showed her how to eat sheep manure. Our daughter in law was horrified that her people-puppy would sink to such a low. You probably wouldn’t either but Mac did.
    Buffalogal sends a hug and a pet your way!!!!

  2. abra la mente says:

    Thanks for the chance to walk along with you Chance. Even the brown, brown, brown is beautiful!

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