Along The Tower Road

Last week one afternoon we had a little time to go for a short adventure. The Tower Road, this time I left a note on the table, and we did not veer off course. We met one vehicle..a man was dressed in Orange..possibly an early hunting scout.

A beaver has been busy making a home..I wonder if the thickness means anything..probably only to the beaver and it is possibly reflective of how much raw material is available. He wasn’t home, or if he was he was hiding.

One of the sloughs must be full from the recent rainy weather, a small creek seems to come out of nowhere and heads toward the river.


We saw an Eagle, it was way too far away to get a decent photograph. He was resting in his perch..the river must keep him fed. I am not real fond of Eagles..that is possibly why I see my fair share. They feed on dead stuff, and kill cats and rabbits.. they used to sit in a tree right outside our house..and eye my spring I even had to put up a camouflaged play area for a litter of growing puppies. Eagles and I do not see eye to eye. I had to watch one terrorize a Trumpeter Swan one winter, the Swan was injured and couldn’t fly..that Eagle was relentless…finally the Swan disappeared. The Eagles are really mean to the Loons too, and will steal their eggs. They are just nasty..nasty. I think it is a disgrace that they are the National Symbol. Just my opinion.

I wonder what this area looked like years ago. The natural progression of the woods may be in the same cycle. Oak to pine and back again. Far Guy tells me " You know, years ago when the trappers came down this river they met at one of these points on the river..and named it Pine Point."

We had a wonderful afternoon drive, the sun was out, the woods were quiet except for an occasional Chickadee. No one was sighting in their rifles, there were no gun shots. I did see and photograph a baiting site..which is Illegal. More about that some other day. I have just a few things to say about that!
Chance enjoyed the ride, after awhile, I let him sit in front with Far Guy..he thought he was pretty important. Anyone with Dogs in Minnesota..the Deer Ticks are still check your dogs really well:)


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3 Responses to Along The Tower Road

  1. buffalogal says:

    J. showed me a new beaver house on the banks of the Dead River below our home. We did not get over to it to check the thickness though. There are lots of small branches sticking out of the water in front of it..the winter food supply. The beavers have dammed the east end of the dead river and the water is really high.
    I know that the native peoples believed in the thickness of muskrat houses as a way to predict the kind of winter that was coming. I learned that from one of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, THE LONG WINTER.

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    What a nice peaceful drive and the pictures are wonderful.

  3. PrairieWoman says:

    Leave it to me to pick up on baiting. That’s appalling. I’ll let you do your own rant on it, but know that I agree with you 100%!

    I wish I could go on afternoon drives to take photos. I used to collect old churches (photographically). Looks like you have just as much of a wonderful time as I did. Enjoy! Winter is a comin’ soon.

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