Baiting Deer

Okay, someone dumped a whole slug of pumpkins in the woods just before deer hunting season started. Now this could have been someone with excess pumpkins..and they could have been driving along this road..and the pumpkins could have all rolled out of the back of a pickup.. they could have ended up in a heap next to a deer run….

The fine for baiting deer in Minnesota is 385 dollars. They can also seize your firearm, and if you happen to have gotten a deer at your baiting site they will fine you another 500 dollars. Let’s see 385 plus 500 plus a gun..that is pretty expensive bait.

Who exactly are these idiots that bait deer? I refuse to call them hunters..hunters hunt deer, baiters just skip the hunting part. They strew pumpkins, apples, corn, sunflower seeds, or oats next to their deer stands. Baiting is unfair, baiting changes natural movement patterns, baiting is unsportsmanlike, baiting brings the herd close together to share germs. Of course if you are a baiter..your "hunting experience" can be over in a day or two, you can quickly check it off of your list for yet another year. You sling the deer carcass over the hood of your car and drive off into the sunset, never stopping to think that the deer that you have been baiting could have had Bovine TB..when deer bunch up at baiting sites they can spread germs to each other. But you don’t are oblivious to health problems in the just want to blast a deer, have your photo taken in your orange hunting clothing with a dead deer and be on your merry way. No doubt your deer has been shot someplace else besides the head or neck. You have ruined much of the meat because you were too excited to wait for a good head shot. But it doesn’t much matter because you don’t butcher your own deer meat anyway it will be thrown in a heap at the local butcher shop, a mass of legs sticking in the air.

Now for the REAL HUNTER, he arrives at his deer stand before daylight and stays until dark. He watches and waits..he waits sometimes for days. Finally a deer wanders in, you take aim, and one clear shot to the head makes the deer drop in just a few steps. You gut the deer, put your tag on it, load it up to register it
and bring it back home to hang it up so the blood drains down..later after the meat has cooled you will skin it and wash out the body will then butcher it on the kitchen table..cutting out all fat and bone.

Some hunters grow many rows of corn in the area of their deer stands. This is legal in Minnesota.. in my opinion it borders on baiting or at least unsportsmanlike entrapment. However agricultural crops are allowed.. what do you think?

Don’t get me wrong, I support real Hunters in their quest for meat. I was raised as a hunter, it was one activity that we really enjoyed with our father. I wish that the DNR in Minnesota would have allowed more licenses in our area, from what I saw last week on the deer trails..we have a huge herd. I dislike the deer ticks that we have to fight from April til the snow flies:(

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3 Responses to Baiting Deer

  1. PrairieWoman says:

    Did you see there is an article in today’s Forum regarding deer baiting.

  2. buffalogal says:

    I despise the truly lazy law breaking hunters! Deer baiting—I hope everyone of them get caught! That would be justice.
    I also despise the hunters that cruise slowly down roads hoping to spot deer and possibly shoot from their vehicles.
    I despise any hunter that wounds deer and causes suffering…there should be some test to pass that would insure killing shots by all hunters.

  3. virginia hunter says:

    you obviously arent real hunter as you call them, beacause no real hunter would shoot a deer in the head, he would take agood shoulder shot and drop the deer right there, there isnt that much meat o nthe shoulder anyway, also how is killing deer in a crop field baiting, if the deer eat all your crops then you arent going to make any money, and lastly i dont see any problems with baiting, it just makes hunting that much easier and it doesnt really spread diseases

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