Oh Poop

I am a bit paranoid about the deer ticks, I hate them and the diseases that they carry. We put Frontline on Chance. I am always relieved when the ticks go into hibernation, and we can give Chance a rest from the Frontline and the chemicals it contains. Both Far Guy and I are continually searching Chance for ticks. If we find one, Chance must inspect it..he smells of it and then shakes his head..and drools.

The other day, I noticed something strange in the dogs poop. YES, I check his poop from time to time. He has a very sensitive stomach and gets diarrhea from cheese and milk. Far Guy sneaks him some milk sometimes..and I do not want things to get out of hand. Nothing worse than a dog with diarrhea that is pooping like a goose. Chance is also on a Lamb and Rice based food, if we give him regular Science Diet he will have lots of mucus in his poop. Loss of mucus in his digestive track will turn into diarrhea really fast. Anyway back to the other day..no diarrhea and no mucus..but Holy Cats something was definitely wrong. My first thought was that the deer ticks had attacked the poop in the yard..I should have taken a photo and I was tempted..but I will spare you that ..instead I will describe it the best that I can.

The log that was nestled in the grass was a dark brown color, that color was accentuated with tiny ovaly/round light beige thingys that looked like ticks filled with blood..many of them. Sticking out in all directions.. right side up and upside down. I had to find a stick..yup lots of those little buggers..but what in the world were they? Prodding at them with a stick confirmed that they were not ticks..thank you, thank you. But what were they? I had a really good idea.. seeds from grapes.

Today I dissected some of the seeds from a few of Far Guys grapes.

Yup..diagnosis confirmed..Chance likes fermenting, half frozen grapes..I told Far Guy..he said "Do you suppose he is getting a little tipsy on those grapes?" I do not know, but all the grapes are gone as far up as Chance can reach. The bunnies may have helped him some..and maybe the birds..but he has been just a snacking on those grapes..seeds and all. I suppose after it snows and the snow falls off of the roof..he will stand on the snowbank and reach the next level of grapes. In the deepest recesses of my mind..something about this whole situation was bothering me. Something raised a red flag..but what in the world was it? I read once where grapes are not good for dogs, so I researched it..and grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs..so I guess Far Guy will have to pick some grapes today:)

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6 Responses to Oh Poop

  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    Wow, grapeseeds! For some reason this blog reminds me of years ago when a friend thought her preschooler had white worms (found in the poops) and it turned out to be the toddler snacking on bean sprouts (after the parents were embarassed by the analysis of a doctor at a clinic that the worms were bean sprouts!!!) Funny story that came to mind with your tale of checking Chance’s little logs.

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    It is a good thing you persevered. I so like it how much you care for Chance.

  3. ineeda says:

    Dogs and fruit. This reminds me of picking chokecherries with our yellow lab. He snorted like a little pig when he was eating chokecherries at the base of the tree. It was pretty comical. I don’t know how he could swallow those tart things. Were they wild grapes that Chance was eating?

  4. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Hi everyone, Thanks for your comments!
    ineeda, They are just an old variety of grapes that were grown from cuttings..they make great jelly..some of the people in our area make their own wine. We just grew them for fun. :)

  5. dumbo says:

    As with all toxins, the poison is in the dose. Grapes are toxic at levels in excess of 1 oz per 6lbs of dog. Raisins are toxic at a lower level because the water has been removed. So an occasional grape is not problem.
    The researchers aren’t sure what is in the grapes that is the problem.
    Glad Chance is ok.

  6. Abra La Mente says:

    Glad Chance is okay and that you noticed this in time to clear out the rest of the grapes.

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