Family Time

We were gone on Friday, but we came back home on Saturday afternoon. We headed up north to our daughters. Far Guy was getting to do one of his favorite things. Attend a hockey game at "The Ralph" …with our daughter and son in law.. Far Guy had to cream our daughter in a couple of games of Ping Pong first.. they have had a ping pong war going for a really long time..since she was a teenager.

I got to do one of my favorite things..stay with the grand boys! They tolerate me, first they played video x box I is hooked up to the TV and has controllers. I had played a shoot em up target practice game with Adam in the afternoon..eventually he told me "Grandma, you are done, I am playing all by myself now." Dismissed by an eight year old! They eventually wandered to the computers..which left me nothing to I tried the video game by myself. Well not really by myself..Adam came out and got me started..probably better than me hanging over his shoulder at the computer. "Which one you want Grandma, the one you couldn’t play this afternoon?" Yah ..I guess I need practice. After awhile Noah came to check on me..they really took care of me more than I took care of them. Noah showed me a Build your Own Roller coaster.. so I built was all track..after my attempt we rode the coaster I designed..he told me that some people actually build such great coasters that they barf when they do the final ride (did I know that you could watch a You Tube of people barfing during their roller coaster virtual ride? ) ..mine was not that great.. not barf worthy. Time for the big event of the evening..a movie, Hotel for Dogs..a cute flick..I like any movie with dogs and this was a pretty good little movie for us all to watch. It was a non violent movie which suits me just fine. We all got our blankies and pillows and popcorn and settled in for the evening! I just love that huge sectional..that allows us all space..but togetherness..there was even room for two dogs and a cat.

Noah serenaded us with his guitar, he goes to lessons and is really coming along quite well. His report card was fantastic..mostly B’s and a few A’s!! Adams report card was good too..he needs to work on neatness..I think that is pretty normal. Adam who struggled the entire school year last year with a teacher that should not have been teaching..told me " School is good Grandma" What sweet words to hear. "I have the best teacher in the entire school! " Now that is really something, and a real relief to me. Especially since I spent most of the last school year wanting to visit his school and tell his teacher a thing or two. Funny thing too..there was no grandparents day at school the entire year.

Hockey season is upon us. On weekend nights like last night..the phone rings and you know it is about Hockey..first one daughter..then the other..all hockey fans watching two games on the TV..switching back and forth between channels..calling their Dad to make sure he is watching. A local boy is on the BSU team..they played the Gophers last night..and then the UND game against St Cloud.. both games at the same time..on the same television. It was way too much for me to keep up with:)

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2 Responses to Family Time

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    I’m with you, I would enjoy the cozy time with the grandkids. Glad to see your grandson playing his guitar. Hubby started playing guitar when he was thirteen and he is still playing.

  2. buffalo gal says:

    WE have been too far removed from hockey to know what it is all about and do not watch any…only once when the USA beat Russia first and then Finland in the 19….sonmething winter Olympic games. I didn’t know what was going on but I could tell when the US scored a goal. We hooted and hollered those days!
    Great picture of half of your fam!!!! The 3 hockey fans probably had a great night together and so did you with the grandsons! I have never attempted to play those games with any of the grands so far…Alec in Sartell is a Master Game player!!!

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