You Who?

Euonymus alatus aka Burning Bush. ( You on i mus) This is one of my favorite shrubs..mine is stuck over on the edge of the parking lot where it is really struggling. No extra water and competition from the woods is tough on it.

It did survive the it is all frosty one morning. This is a good photo that shows the stem with the tell tale corky looking wings.

I had the perfect opportunity present itself one day. To show you what different exposures do to this shrubs fall color. I found this very interesting and perhaps you will also.


 Eastern Exposure..


 Southern Exposure..

A few on the south were vibrant orange! None of them on the eastern side of the building were orange. Now I believe that these are all the same plants, planted at the same time. The soil conditions are pretty much the same and no doubt watering and fertilizing is similar. The only thing that is different is the amount of light they receive everyday. Landscapers usually don’t get into many different varieties of plants…so I assume that these are the same exact plants on both sides of the building. I could have asked..but I doubt that anyone inside Perkins would have known or cared..they probably would have said You..who?

I have had a tough week this week, can you say "toothache from hell" .. I broke a tooth and got a huge very painful I had the first part of a root took forever to open up the calcified canals. I am on antibiotics..and I am a tad cranky, and I stayed in my Jammies all day yesterday and took lots of naps..and I might just stay in my jammies all day today too. I didn’t do well on the first antibiotics ( Clindamycin or the turquoise capsules that make your stomach feel like it is on fire) the Pharmacist called the Dentist and together they came up with a substitute (Cephalexin). I feel much better than I did..I must be better by tomorrow because I am needed at a fundraiser. Chance and Far Guy are taking really good care of me..:)

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5 Responses to You Who?

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Yes, the difference in the same plant is interesting. Good photos and they show the color difference. Nice plant. Sorry you have tooth pain. Ouch. Take care.

  2. Sarah says:

    Beautiful pictures. I hope that Chance is resting his head on your lap… unless it feels too icky.

    Take care!

  3. homd says:

    Beautiful pictures! Hope your mouth is feeling better!

  4. buffalogal says:

    UFF DAH on the tooth troubles. Very nice photos of fall shrubbery in its glory (til the snow comes and piles up on it) UGH

  5. Geri W says:

    Hope your feeling better. beauiful pictures.

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