The Red Bridge

When Far Guy was growing up..there was a bridge in town called the Red Bridge. Since I didn’t grow up in town I was not privy to the "townies" secret language. The old red bridge just exists in his mind..because it was all messed up in the name of progress..and is just a whole bunch of culverts now.

This is a Red Bridge which has nothing to do with the old Red Bridge. They are just in the same town.

Oh and yes..this is The Red Bridge Inn..which isn’t red either but pink. I wonder if that is another "Townies" secret that us country people are not privy too.

I didn’t have much time, I was waiting for Far Guy, he was running an errand. I took these photos a week ago on November 16Th when it was sunny and warm. We have had a lovely November..Indian Summer at it’s finest. Today not so much..we are back to dreary rainy weather.

I have to make a trip to town today to get the last of the supplies for the feast on Thursday. I am in charge of two pies, a lemon and a pumpkin, pumpkin bread, dinner rolls and a loaf of bread from the bread machine. I may have to cave and send Far Guy to the store on Wednesday..I am scheduled for a root canal on Wednesday morning. So let me tell you I am starting off the holiday season in fine style this year. I have no intention of doing any shopping on Friday..I am not an idiot..I am not a shopper..I am not a cook..and I am certainly not a wonder I dislike the holidays so much.

Is there something I am missing.. is it like the "townies" and their secret about the bridges? What could it be? There must be some big ole joyful holiday secret that I am missing? Some people just LOVE "The Holidays".. me..not so much:(

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8 Responses to The Red Bridge

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    It seems to me that the holidays don’t hold the attraction for you because your everyday life is the way the rest of want our holidays to be like! Your life is a holiday, ya know? It is interesting, and one adventure after another.

  2. Farguy says:

    Yep that’s a red bridge but not THE Red Bridge. That’s the Foot Bridge. I spent a lot of time on and under that bridge. If you look under the bridge to the bushes on the shore, that’s where we use to make our rafts. When we were done with the rafts they just floated away under the Train Trestle, Highway Bridge, then over the damn and just pissed everyone off.

  3. Sarah says:

    You are sounding a little down in the dumps these days. I hope its just the tooth problem bringing you down. Once that is fixed, you will probably be back to your old self (hows all that from someone who doesn’t even know you!). I too am not a fan of the holidays… I think its because I am supposed to be happy and enjoying it so much. There just always seems to be some sort of drama to sort through. Wow… I need to stop and go give myself a pep talk! Good luck to you, but I will be saving some of it for myself.

  4. abra la mente says:

    I think I’ve seen that bridge–your blog just reminded me how badly I want to visit PR & points north again. As for the holidays, I so look forward to family time, but it is also a season where it goes day by day for me, as the over commercialized hype sometimes gets in the way of the peacefulness that is the true meaning of the holidays.

  5. ineeda says:

    Am I a Grinch? I don’t like to put up a Christmas tree anymore. Used to love decorating it. Now it just seems like too much monkey business. Maybe if I decluttered the whole house and it felt like there was more space…..

  6. Abra La Mente says:

    HA!! I found my long lost virtual twin, ineeda! I used to think my mother-in-law was a grinch when she quit putting up a tree; then as my children arrived at their teen years and we were never here much anyway, I got to be the same way. Used to decorate to the hilt—now, a small tree on top of the entertainment center is enough for me, though I sometimes miss dragging the boxes from the attic.

  7. East Side says:

    The photo of the foot bridge is beautiful, it make my eyes go a bit buggy but it could be my new glasses.

  8. ineeda says:

    Good to hear I’m not alone! I put out the little fiber optic Christmas tree.

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