I have been using the Elliptical exerciser..it is a machine from hell..but it does provide me with low impact exercise. I can now do a 12 1/2 minute mile.. I may have some fat..but by golly it is going to be firm fat. My goal is to do two miles in 24 minutes. It is a work in progress. It is low impact, so my bad leg does okay, my good leg helps make up for the weakness in my bad one. I broke my ankle and leg back in 1979, the Doctors said I would only walk ten years.. twenty if I was really lucky..this year marked thirty. Funny thing is ..those Doctors are pushing up daisies and I am still walking! I find that the Elliptical is better than walking on the uneven ground outdoors..or walking in ice and snow..although I still like going outdoors. I have a selection of oldies that I listen to..I crank up the music and sweat. Every other day is the required goal ..everyday is sometimes an option..especially if I feel real bitchy.. somehow walking my fat butt off makes me less cranky. It is totally impossible for me to actively bitch when I am puffing like the little engine that could. The nearest gym is fourteen miles away. Far Guy and I went to a gym when we lived in North Dakota.. I loved the variety of the exercise equipment that could be found in a real gym. For now this machine fits the bill..it does get boring..perhaps I will start reading a really good novel out loud to myself..or move the little TV up there and watch old videos. That TV is so old..it will not get any channels..but it has a built in VCR. Far Guy is way ahead of me ..he does over two miles in twenty five minutes. His hips are bad, a few weeks ago he tried running down the driveway..he walked around here limping for three days mumbling "That was a really stupid thing to do.. but the dog was so impressed." Exercise in Minnesota in the winter..you gotta do some..even if you don’t feel like it. What kind of exercise do you do during the winter months? :)

*** That monstrosity ended up in my storage area upstairs..the room that is suppose to have custom built bunk beds for the grands.. and that scale..that belongs to Far Guy.

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4 Responses to Exercise?

  1. East Side says:

    We just bought a bike for inside that should help!

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    What about checking our an audio book at the library? By the way I do like the wood all the way up the wall and ceiling.

  3. Ann says:

    I read a book. You should see my arm muscles. I type on the computer. What finger muscles I have. LOL Yea, you can say I’m out of shape. The DR. told me I’d need a new knee. I’ve managed to stay of that table.

  4. dumbo says:

    I feel the best Minnesota winter exercise is a good game of horseshoes in Arizona. Follow that up with a 30 minute walk around the park. If you do it right you only have to walk for 5 or 6 minutes before you find someone to talk to and get the 30 minutes overwith.

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