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2009 In Review

This is a big is one of those "Blue Moons" ..that’s what it is called when we have two full moons in the same month. The next time it happens will be December 31, 2028 and I will either … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: New Years Eve 1963

This must have been taken by Far Guys is Far Guys Sister and her beau who she married five years later. She must have been in her first year of College. She was off getting straight A’s and making … Continue reading

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The Best Gift Giver Ever

My youngest daughter is a shopper..she obviously got this ability from someone else..perhaps from her Aunt Jan..she is a shopper. My Mother is a shopper too.. I do like to shop just not where everyone else does..I can spend hours … Continue reading

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I Am Two Years Old !

Well today is the day, I have been bending your ears for two years..731 736 days. Not bad for a cranky old woman. I missed a few more days this past year due to illness..we hope that doesn’t happen … Continue reading

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Christmas 2009: Part Two

More about Christmas 2009.. Noah Game playing..there was lots of it..some on the computer..individually and as teams ..but we did gather them all for a rousing game of "spoons". They are all a pretty competitive it got a little … Continue reading

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Christmas 2009: Part One

Well I for one am glad that Christmas has come and gone. It is now another whole year away. There were parts of it that I enjoyed.  Like the grands! The Shopping..I was glad when it was done. Far Guy … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas safely:)


Snow Angels

Four of the grands are here..we are missing the teenage grand..she will be here later today. It snowed..and is still snowing..everyone is off sledding… Before they left on their sledding adventure they left some snow angels in the yard. Last … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: 1990

A long time ago..1990 to be exact.. I had a dream. No not one of those Christmas nightmares either. We were living at the area of the house had really tall ceilings..I wanted a really tall tree to go … Continue reading

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Shiny Brite

I have been collecting the old Shiny Brite Ornaments for a number of years. A few here, a few there..after all they are just little..and so pretty. I recall them on our tree when I was growing up. I loved … Continue reading

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