The Christmas Skates

All I wanted for Christmas back in 1962 was a pair of white figure skates. I did get them the next year. I loved trying to skate in town at the rink..I never was very good at it. I spent lots of my skating time on the ground, up close and personal with the ice. I loved watching all the town kids skate on Saturdays ..especially the ones that could skate backwards. I had a hard time going forward upright.. backwards was just a figment of my fruitful imagination. Some of those kids sure could skate. I did have a beau one winter who could skate backwards..couples would dance and skate holding each other in their arms.. I just kinda hung onto him for dear life and went along for the ride. The kids in town were really lucky they could skate everyday, and they had a warming house!

The only ice skating that took place on the farm was in the spring in a corner of one of the fields where the spring runoff would collect and freeze for just a few days..but you had to watch out for the weeds that stuck up..they would send you flying. We would haul a block of wood out to the edge of the field so we would have some place to sit down and put on our skates.

My beautiful white skates were a size seven and a half..the last time I can remember wearing them was in the winter of 1972..Far Guy and I would skate down on the narrows in the moonlight. We would put Trica to bed, and head down the hill to shovel a spot to skate. Those skates served me well… I had them much longer than that old pink radio. Not that the radio was a bad wasn’t. I would unplug my parents radio all the time and take it to my I suppose it made perfect sense to them. I don’t ever remember wanting anything for Christmas as desperately as those skates.. I just had to wait patiently for them until the next year:)

** The photo today is one I took on October 31, 2009

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5 Responses to The Christmas Skates

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Good close up shot of the ice on the branch. Brrrr. I was happy to hear you did eventually get the skates you wanted and that you used them for so many years. It turned out to be a good investment as well as a dream come true.

  2. PrairieWoman says:

    It’s always so exciting to get a treasured gift for Christmas. I’m glad they brought you a decade of fun and memories.

  3. abra la mente says:

    Thanks for following up on Wednesday’s questions. :-) I didn’t get my very own new ice skates until I was an adult–we live on a lake, but trying to get a smooth ice rink was always tough, so I haven’t skated in years. Like you, my posterior had a very close & personal relationship with the ice surface.

  4. david tinnon says:

    The only thing I can remember wanting in ’62 was a ’62 Lincoln, I thought that huge, smooth box with it’s suicide doors was the coolest looking car ever–We had a ’50 Ford sedan. I was 42 when I learned to ice skate in Thousand Oaks, Ca. of all places. Glad you got your wish, and it lasted so long. I never got very good at it either, but it was great fun! Thanks for sharing the story.

  5. JoDee Luna says:

    Blogs Visited

    I enjoyed your narrative and the striking photo. As I read, I reminisced my years living in the Netherlands. I used to enjoy watching the Dutch skate along the frozen canals. I look forward to revisiting your blog!

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