Wish Books

Sometimes late at night I think and try to remember…things from a simpler time. I have not thought about "Wish Books" in years. I googled wish book..and low and behold there is a site with some of the old wish books..I really enjoyed my visit there. I was so excited I almost woke Far Guy up..but since he was sleeping like a big ole baby..I figured my discovery could wait until morning. He recalls the excitement that surrounded the arrival of the "Wish Book" ..he would look it over and then get out a sheet of paper and methodically write down everything he wanted, with the page number and description and everything. He said " I made it pretty simple for my parents to shop..I never thought about what would happen if they lost the piece of paper."

My brother and I would share "The Wish Book" ..the special catalogue that came out in the Fall, it was filled with toys and games and everything imaginable for Christmas. We would write our names by the things we wanted. Before you wrote your name by an item, you had to spend hours looking through the book and reading all the descriptions. I can remember telling my brother to write neatly and not scrawl his name all over everything.. Our "Wish Book" would end up without a front or back cover and all the pages would be dogeared. We kept them from one year to the next, they were stored in the front room closet, stacked neatly in the corner with all of the other catalogues..Sears, Pennys, Montgomery Wards and Spiegel regular editions .. none of which got nearly the attention that the Wish Book did..I believe that the wish book we got every Fall was from Sears. In later years we may have gotten one from Pennys too.. but by then we had another brother and a sister who we had to share with. There just were never quite enough wish books to go around. The were also lots of wishes that were made..it would have been impossible to make all those wishes come true.

I wonder what children today would do with a wish book..:)

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6 Responses to Wish Books

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    My grandkids have the commercials on the TV’s they watch, the internet, and Facebook friends and their ideas for their wish books. It is almost too much for them to narrow it down to a few items they truly desire to own. I remember the wish books, I used them for my kids.

  2. buffalogal says:

    Oh I how I remember the arrival in the mail of the Sears/ Montgomery Ward wish books in November!
    I studied them also and made notes about what I wanted; when I think back most of our presents came from the Wish Books!
    Today’s Wish Book is probably the flyer that comes out from Fleet Farm when they open their toy store in October. I know my Fargo Grands used to study the FF one carefully and I once made a trip to Fargo in blinding rain in mid October to get there when they opened on the first day. Then I got there and found I did not bring my checkbook. I had to drive home and come back much later than I planned!!!!

  3. Abra La Mente says:

    We also had a tattered wish book–I think Montgomery Ward (we referred to as Monkey Wards) was the only one. I was sad that they went out of business, but just looked them up & they have an online store, complete with electronic wish lists! I think I’ll go browse, now!

  4. PrairieWoman says:

    No wish book in my past. I feel somehow deprived…

  5. Abra La Mente says:

    If it makes you feel less deprived, PW, it may have been a wish book, but there were very few wishes granted at my house, since my gifts most years were an item of clothing, and I definitely was not looking at the Wish Book for that!

  6. CortezGlenna says:

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