"Last week the candle factory burned down. Everyone just stood around and sang Happy Birthday.”… Stephen Wright

It has been a bit of a milestone type of week for several people that are special to us.

First of all a small child was born in New York City..a much awaited first Grandchild to one of my best friends. I told the new Grandma to think positive..Sadie Magnolia doesn’t sound real New Yorkie to me I am sure that she will become a Minnesota gal!! My friend will be 60..and she is just now a Grandma for the first time ..I was a Grandma when I was 45. So she has some serious Grand mothering to do! Since she only birthed male children..this little girl is a very special person that is entering her life. Will Sadie ever know how much she is loved? When she is older..when I meet her I will have to tell her..that her Grandma was pee your pants excited for months before her birth..she ought to remember that!!

Far Guys Auntie Esther was ninety yesterday..we went to town for a gathering of friends and family for cake and coffee. It was a great turn out, after all the golf course is shut down for the winter! Ninety years..not everyone makes it to that milestone! She reads my blog everyday..she is probably my oldest reader! Yes, she is a computer savvy ninety year old! Don’t that beat all! Many people her age wouldn’t even try to navigate around the Internet.. way to go Auntie Esther!

Milestones reached..what are you reaching for? I am reaching for several things..several dates..December 20, December 25, and December 28 ..all milestones for me/us. December 20 will mark forty years of wedded bliss, December 25 marks a two year Trigeminal Neuralgia diagnosis for Far Guy, that was a gift that kept on giving.. (not all milestones are pleasant) ..and December 28..two years of blogging for me:)


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3 Responses to Milestones

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Wonderful birthday for Far Guy’s aunt. That is quite an accomplishment. Good picture of her too. She looks happy. My mother is 88 but she has never been interested in a computer, won’t have anything to do with them. You have some important dates to celebrate/commemorate soon. Best wishes on your big wedding anniversary!!

  2. Abra La Mente says:

    Wow–your brother makes 30 & you 40 (weren’t you just saying your brother was too young when he got married–you must have been too), all in the same month that Esther turns 90! Woo-hoo. Lots to celebrate this month. The 2 year anniversary of Far Guy’s TN may not be a happy one, but you have used those two years to help educate others about its devastating existence, so there is a small blessing tucked in there, for what it’s worth. The two years of blogging–well that has been a blessing for all of us. Thanks for sharing your life, thoughts, and wisdom with us! 😉

  3. Ann says:

    90 years young remember when we didn’t think we’d ever turn 21? I was talking to my Uncle today and he was telling me he only had 1/2 a year to go to be 91. I look forward to reading your blog. You bring joy into your readers lives. Thank You for what you do. I pray that soon they find away to make TN beeter for all.

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