Wrap it up!

Well we finally did it..we wandered into a store with a list. We walked out with a few presents.

This is a photo of a glass block filled with Christmas lights a gift from Jen a few years ago!

Since I guess that more packages will be wrapped this year and less Gift cards..or cash will be given..I had to pick out some wrapping paper. What a waste of perfectly good trees. The variety is endless..but if I am going to take the time to wrap this crap up and make it look good, I want some half way decent paper. I did not attend any after Christmas sales last year..I THOUGHT that my gift wrapping days were over and I would never need another box or gift tag..no bows or curly ribbon..none of those fancy gift bags ever again. One complaint and Far Guy caved, those girls I birthed for him have a way of talking him into just about anything. ….they want packages picked out with a meaning. Bah Humbug..I said..give them cash..it’s too cold to shop..then they gave us a list..and THEN they shared the same list with other people so stuff got crossed off one by one..TAKEN. Last night I prayed..yes, I prayed that someone would find that Bullhorn that one of the little lovelies has on her list. No such luck..this morning it is still on her list..of course this would only be on the list of Miss Paige.. and she will "fake cry" if she doesn’t get it. Of course..she will sob quite realistically..and have everyone fooled ..but me.

A tiny tin ornament from my Mother.

Back to the paper. First of all I refuse to use any hot colors..hot pink is definitely out. Who are these designers anyway..what happens? Do they lock them in a room and have a contest to see who can come up with the worst paper design..only letting them out when they have successfully created an entire line of wrapping paper that I will not purchase.

A blown glass ornament from my Mother.

I want a simple paper, a neutral background..white or beige..some beautifully decorated little trees with some forest creatures and birds flitting around the paper. I would also like some blue paper with some Angels or maybe a manger scene. I do not want santa’s, huge honkin trees, stars, squiggles or cartoon characters. Fine I will settle for Poinsettias, Mistletoe..something botanical.. that only exists in my mind..Menards has a very limited selection of wrapping papers..but they are 40% off. After spending twenty minutes in that very short aisle and while Far Guy walked every aisle in the store getting a head start on his three mile walk for the day…I bought three rolls..a plain silver that kinda looks like aluminum foil but much cheaper ..a turquoise blue with burgundy Angels..and a baby blue with white Angels blowing trumpets with some shooting stars. I also bought a whole slug of BLUE BOWS. I am once again armed with wrapping paper and matching bows. Now I am going to begin a search for a bullhorn:)

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5 Responses to Wrap it up!

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    You are so funny. So your daughters can talk their dad into something, only you have a better way of saying it. I like the ornaments you got from your mother.

  2. ineeda says:

    Good luck finding a bullhorn!!! have you tried the internet? a sporting goods store?

  3. dahlenje says:

    Remember that Christmas that you wanted skates… all the child wants is a bullhorn! Get her one. 😉

  4. PrairieWoman says:

    Maybe you can find one at Fleet Farm, they seem to have everything under the sun. :-)

    I noticed that you bought paper and bows but did you get tape? I always forget the tape. LOL!

    There is paper that is made from recycled paper and other products.

  5. abra la mente says:

    Love your ornaments and I especially like the glass block from Jen–would have been a perfect idea for the office Christmas party had I read this before I shopped. Your paper choices sound very pretty. I despise wrapping gifts. I found some cute hexagonal popcorn tins with handles at a clearance outlet center–last year’s popcorn, so I’ll dump that & use the tins for gift packaging at a price comparable to or less than a gift bag! The recipient can reuse for storing christmas ornaments or leftover bows, etc.

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