Christmas 2009: Part Two

More about Christmas 2009..


Game playing..there was lots of it..some on the computer..individually and as teams ..but we did gather them all for a rousing game of "spoons". They are all a pretty competitive it got a little also was a source of many giggles…I love games I thought it was just perfect.


Hugs for suckers..I have been having an issue with Adam..withholding hugs..and I just grab him and hug him and kiss him..he is the baby after all.. well my Tootsie Pop Jar is accessible now only after a hug..I have Adams currency..finally!


One liners.. Paige observing her Grandpa .." I can’t believe actually do have a pair of jeans without holes in them!"


My beautiful ten foot tall tree for holds my Shiny Brite ornament collection.. I think it was guilt..I told Far Guy one day that if I croaked before I actually got to see all my decorations on a really tall tree that it would be all his fault. He does what he can to make my life memorable. It is a pretty large tree I can keep going to garage sales and antique shops..looking for more Shiny Brites. I think I will make it a tradition to decorate it with all the old ornaments each year..and then wait for the grands to come to decorate it with the new to me old ornaments that I have collected during the year.

Gifts received, everyone seemed pleased no one bawled because they were sad. I admit it I had two gifts from Jen and Andy and the boys that made me see Jen is the best gift giver picker outer ever. It is a skill she did not get from me. The first gift I will leave you guess at for another day..or two. The second tear bringer was a book I had as a child..The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore. It was a very thoughtful gift..I am reading evokes lots of childhood memories. Now lets guess what gift could make me the point of almost sobbing? No, It wasn’t a Sheltie Puppy..they teased me that they had one in their vehicle for me..I told them if they had one outside they just better be bringing it in before it got too cold. Nope it wasn’t a live gift..but it was a gift that I unwittingly helped to create..that’s enough hints for now.

I had a six hour nap on Christmas Day..after everyone left..I crashed on the couch..I was exhausted. Far Guy and Chance had a nap too..Chance is pouting..he wanted everyone to stay forever:)

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3 Responses to Christmas 2009: Part Two

  1. PrairieWoman says:

    Are you getting a new Grand Baby? Ok, no that’s probably not it, babies are live. Hmmmm….I just don’t know.

    I loved playing spoons, I don’t remember exactly how but I remember playing it with the family on Christmas and other holidays.

    Your grandbabies are beautiful children. Lovely photos of them.

  2. buffalogal says:

    I saw the game called “Spoons” in the toys and games sections at Fleet. WE used to call this game Spoon Pig and played with real spoons. I do not dare play anymore because the last time I got my arthritic fingers hurt badly!!! Maybe I can get someone to grab the spoon for me instead of my getting hurt. We played at the table at my Granma’s farms years ago every Thanksgiving day and it got [retty violent.
    A Bobbsy Twins book…how I wish I still had some of mine! I think they went when my sister did some throwing out after my parents died. I have great memories of THE BOBBSEY TWINS ON CHERRY HILL AND THE BTS AT BLUEBERRY BAY –or somesuch place! My mom would read them to me when I was 6 or 7 and would be sick with a fever and earache for days on end.(pre-pencillin days)
    I enjoyed the granddaughter comment about FarGuy’s jeans…our GD Katie once said to Grampa J “Don’t you have anything else to wear?” after she noted he put on the same outfit for days on end!!!! (til it could stand up by itself in the corner of the room!!)

  3. TechnoBabe says:

    Would it be a picture of your family?
    I can just picture you having the time of your life and then crashing for a long nap. Wonderful.

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