Once in a Blue Moon

We went to a hobby shop yesterday, and Far Guy met a bunch of other "train people" ..it was rather funny.. You see Far Guy has O scale trains..someone was asking a question about them and the store owner said well do you know Far Guy? Of course they didn’t ..but they do now.

It was cold yesterday, and this morning it was -12 degrees F or-24 degrees C way too cold to go out. So we will stay at home today.

Yesterday on our way home, I took a photo at the end of the drive..actually I took several. There is a sun-dog off to the right under the two small camera flares.

Then I took this photo..honest it is straight out of the camera..I would not pull your leg..I consider it one last gift from 2009. I will have to consult with one of my camera friends for an explanation..was it too cold..maybe Ed or someone else will know.. maybe it was just equal camera flares.

Around five o’clock I took off with my tripod to see if I could capture the blue moon.. I did. The moon is not easy to photograph especially once it gets dark.

I walked down to my brothers..eight children under the age of five were there..I got to feed the new baby..a room temperature bottle..she seemed to like it..I would have warmed it up but her Mother ( my niece) said..that’s the way she gets it all the time. Of course I gave her a load of what for about that..she knows me well so she just ignores me. This newest baby isn’t showing any inclination to scream when I enter the room ..yet…however my niece did a fairly good impression for her. When i walked back home the moon was obscured by clouds..good thing I had my trusty ugly yellow flashlight.

Far Guy was still laying down when I got home, I did rouse him to listen to some music with me. I let him listen to some Judith Durham ( former Seekers), I picked the Righteous Brothers "Unchained Melody" for a quick little belly rubbing slow dance around the living room. Then I progressed through some of my favorites by Roy Orbison "Pretty Woman", Abba "Dancing Queen" and one of Bob Dylan’s old songs sung by Adele " Make you feel my love" , and "Smile" by Uncle Kracker ..oh yeah and Meatloaf.."Two out of Three Ain’t Bad". I am pretty fussy with my music..if I like it I listen to it forever..rarely adding new songs.. this years big add was "Smile". Here’s to more smiles in twenty ten:)


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8 Responses to Once in a Blue Moon

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Hubby and I listened to the video. And it made us smile. I like most of your choices in music. I know what you mean, I have my favorites. Nice pictures of the moon.

  2. pyro says:

    you mean bob dylan right? born in duluth raised in hibbing?

    where is that english teacher?

  3. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Thanks pyro..I will correct it..HA! She doesn’t know Bob Dylan :)

  4. abra la mente says:

    Good taste in music!! Love the photos–you always do such a good job with that camera!!

  5. Ann says:

    Glad you got the pictures. I waited to late to go out and miss it. Oh well that’s life. Win some lose some. You’ll have to take a picture of the little one running and screaming before I believe you. Ha Ha.

  6. Bonnie & Wayne says:

    Very nice pictures Connie. Happy New Year to Both of you.

  7. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone!
    Ann, Yes it is true I have a great niece who screamed everytime she saw me for about two years..and I mean screamed bloody murder.. everyone thought it was funny except her and I. She is five now..and I asked her the other day if she was still afraid of me? She said “NO…not really.. maybe a little.” She did run up to me on Christmas Eve and gave me a hug..a first!! Who knows what goes through these little ones heads?? :)

  8. Polarbear says:

    Hi! I found your pictures by searching ‘sundogs new years eve 2009’. I live in central Ontario and saw the same sun dog that morning, but I could see it from the front. (Or what I can only guess is the front!) Neat eh?

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