The BIG Tree

The "Grands" and my handsome and handy Son In Law Andy..helped put up the big tree. The children were impressed with it’s tallness and they all helped decorate it the evening before Christmas Eve. Andy is very TALL..he began by lifting the children in the air to hang ornaments..finally he just took the tree apart at the top and held onto it while the children decorated. Noah got to put the Angel on top, because he was the first one that asked me if he could do the honors. When I took out the ornaments I ran onto the Angel..I believe we purchased it in Florida in 1973 or Minnesota in 1974..whatever.. it has been around a long time. I thought the children did great..they kept me busy going through boxes and bags, attaching the little wire hangers until I ran out entire collection never made it on the tree due to a hanger shortage..maybe next year! The antique bell ornaments seemed to be the children’s favorites.. everyone wanted to hang a bell..luckily I had enough to go around. They held all the ornaments very gently and oohed and aahed the entire time. I believe that we made a memory.

It was interesting seeing these ornaments on the tree for the very first time. I have been collecting these ornaments since about by one. Sometimes lucky enough to find an entire box! I need to purchase some ornament caps and wires..I will have to keep my eye out at garage sales.. I also discovered that I am heavy on the gold and silver, okay with red, purple, blue and pink. Very short of green and orange..I only have two each of those colors. I am particularly smitten with the orange for some reason… I don’t quite know why, but I simply must find some more of those.

I did purchase one box of the new Radco Shiny Brites at Menards..I just got the small bulbs a set of twelve multicolor. They are interesting. I explained to the grands about them..they probably won’t remember that they are reproductions..but someday they may be collectible in their own right.

What a great place to sort ornaments..on the bed upstairs. Chance came by once and rested his head on the edge of the bed.. but settled on the twin bed nearby for a nap whilst I sorted and thought..I need a Christmas Tree Skirt..and next year perhaps I should take off the huge tags that identify it as sections A, B, C and D. I should also buy more tissue paper to wrap my old shiny brites I stuffed the last three boxes full of ornaments all touching each other..those boxes are an improvement from the old bread sacks that most of them were in previously.

When Far Guy had this huge tree in sections in his cart I should have had him go right over to the huge fifty gallon totes..instead I just walked right by them. When I went back to Menards in DL the other day they were all sold out. I purchased two smaller totes that will have to be returned..but that’s okay..I can go by the antique shop! The Tall tree is down, one of it’s sections measures 48 we will have to build a wooden box for it next summer.. I am thinking something out of pine..on casters..that might possibly go someplace upstairs….maybe it could be a coffee table..or a bench with a cushion on top.. one tell Far Guy that I have another vision:)

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4 Responses to The BIG Tree

  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    the big wooden box sounds like a great table! YOu can get a cloth for it and have bric a bric one it for 11/12 of the year!!!!
    Nice breakfast table for upstairs guests too unless Farguy does not feel like carrying trays up the steps. (hee hee)

  2. abra la mente says:

    I am so happy you got to have that tall tree and make those memories! I can hardly wait to see the finished box–I am sure that dream will be fulfilled, as well.

  3. TechnoBabe says:

    An item for the honey do list. Sounds like the perfect solution for the tree storage. The tree looked great and best of all was that the grandkids helped decorate.

  4. Susan says:

    Hey just put castor wheels on bottom of tree and roll it in closet, or leave tree up and decorate it for every holiday..valentines ..easter..spring..4th of july and so my next house I will build a xmas closet, how can one holiday take up so much space??

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