Wistful Wednesday: Milk Pails

This is a photo taken at Far Guys Grandparents farm. Left to right: Far Guys Dad( Marvin), Grandpa( James) and Uncles (Jim) and (Ron) I believe that this was taken sometime around 1927..in that year the boys would have been 13, 6 and 9. It looks like they were all helping with the milking. That is what I would call a cream can ( because of it’s size) being carried between the Father and his oldest son. I would guess and this is just a guess that they only had a few cows..perhaps three or four..as they have three milk pails and three of them could have milked at the same time…perhaps a few of their milk cows were in the process of drying up before they freshened. You cannot milk a dry cow..and they all dry up four to six weeks before freshening or the birth of a calf. It is like a mini vacation for the cow and for the farmer too..if you rely on milk everyday like I am sure this farm family did then you want to stagger the breeding of your cows so they don’t all dry up at once. So much for milk cow info deep inside this old brain!

I think that this photo is a wonderful example of teamwork and farm families that worked together everyday:)

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4 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: Milk Pails

  1. buffalo gal says:

    I get very nostalgic for “these days” when every farmer had cows, chickens, pigs maybe sheep and horses. The farm was almost a self-sustaining entity then. When we bought our farm (1968) a man who had lived thru the Depression Years told us how wise we were; he said if his family had not lived on the type of farm picture here, they would have starved.

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    I remember carrying pails of milk only we had goats. Brings back such memories.

  3. homd says:

    I get a little nostalgic thinking of my aunt milking cows with the milking machine. It was the latest thing — all those glass tubes carried the milk from the cow to the huge tank in the next room. A far cry from a stool and a pail!

  4. Abra says:

    I like that someone thought to take a pcture of an ordinary event–great visual for explaining the old farm days! Portraits are great, but photos such as these give a real feel for the ways of the family.

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