A Picture and a Jar

This is the picture that hangs next to the french doors. I believe it is of Multnomah Falls in Oregon, the falls are along the Columbia River Gorge. Far Guy and I have been there. There is a beautiful stone bridge part way up and you used to be able to walk over it..not anymore. Our daughter Jen got to walk up there one year before it was closed. The stone bridge which was built in 1914 is not in this picture, nor is the log bridge that was there before the stone bridge. I purchased this picture at a garage sale, my cousin from Washington was clearing out some of her "stuff"…it is slightly damaged..and I thought about repairing it. I stopped myself..I decided I like it just the way it is. Like I said..I believe it to be Multnomah..it might be someplace different. Whatever.. I thought it was worth two dollars. One day I had a hammer in my hand..and a nail and I hung it up. It kinda sticks out like a sore thumb next to the door..until I find a better spot for it..I guess it will stay there.

This is an old cookie Jar made by the Hocking Glass Company. It was my maternal grandmothers and I am sure that it used to have a silver colored label that said "Cookies" ..my parents inherited it..and they gave it to me one year for Christmas.

I used to collect Depression Glass, one year when we were visiting Far Guys sister in Indiana..we drove over to Lexington, Kentucky and visited Gene Florence’s shop..he is like the premiere authority on depression glass in the United States. We got to meet his Mother that day.. she was a doll! I have some of his books. I have been out of the depression glass loop for a long time. I still pick up a piece from time to time..as both Far Guy and I have our favorite sets which we collect and they will someday go to our daughters..Mine to Trica and Far Guys to Jen.

What is in the jar? I figured that someone would be curious..my Mother gave me these socks, they were knit by my paternal grandmother for me before I was born. I put them in the jar along with a note. One day I went wild with post it notes and wrote the who and what of some of my "stuff". I should find a photo of me in these warm socks..and put that in the jar too. So the old jar is kind of a double memory for me, a grandmother that loved me enough to knit me a pair of socks..but who died before I was old enough to remember her, and another grandmother who lived a long life who I visited with often:)



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5 Responses to A Picture and a Jar

  1. Lois says:

    I have one just like this and I understood that these were bought with soda crackers in them, but I could be wrong. Mine is empty, I should be putting some old memories in it also.

  2. buffalo gal says:

    Oh that green jar is so familiar…..there was one at my Grandma’s farm and my mother had one that she used to keep brown sugar in. I do not know what became of that one, sadly.

  3. dahlenje says:

    It does look like MF, a few years after I visited it for the first time a boulder the size of a greyhound fell and killed four people on the way to the bridge. They have since reopened the bridge again.

  4. TechnoBabe says:

    I found a picture here that looks a lot like your picture.

    The cookie jar is fabulous, not only as a cookie jar but with the history behind it. The knitted socks and note are so full of love. I hope you do some day put a photo in the jar with the other items and it will be something unique to hand down to your daughter.

  5. abra la mente says:

    I like that you put notes with your stuff to explain the significance. Cool idea & lucky girls. :-)

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