Sad Shoulder Saga

Well I guess it is about time I spill my guts. I fell back in September, I am a klutz sometimes. I was taking a photograph and lost my footing and just kind of rolled onto the ground..shoulder first. OUCH!! I did yard work in October and November which really agaitated it. November 01, I got a seasonal flu shot in my sore shoulder..I will never do that again. Then I overdid some lifting..and finally it became so painful I could not sleep. Far Guy went into his Doctor mode and got me an appointment three weeks away. I was able to control the pain by not using my right arm and taking Aleve and Ecotrin. I finally got to see the Doc on December 02, I mentioned that the flu shot agitated my shoulder..he said "Impossible". He gave me a cortisone injection in my was wonderful..I didn’t scream or pass out or anything..I was pain free for four hours..ahhh it was blissful. I slept. The Doc ordered an MRI was an excruciating painful procedure having my shoulder clamped into place…they gave me some kind of strange pill otherwise I would not have been able to tolerate it. The diagnosis came back as tendonitis. They sent me to an Orthopod..finally I got to see him this past Monday..he took x rays and says yes I have tendonitis and a worn rotor cuff (ten years of lifting watering cans has taken it’s toll). I told him that the Flu shot really agitated my shoulder..he just laughed. He did not take me seriously either. He was a really nice young man…but he said I will probably have this a year before it goes away completely..if it does not get better I will have to have surgery. He sent me to Physical Therapy…

Yes this is my sad shoulder, and yes I am wearing an exercise sue me.  This is the new pain patch thingy.

The newest man in my life is Mike..he has great hands..he can massage my shoulder and find all the painful bursa..he gave me ultrasound treatments and a new fangled pain patch..that has batteries in it but it only lasts for about twenty four hours..something about Ions and healing and blocking the pain.. I also got a huge turquoise rubber-band and have exercises to do two or three times a day. What we are trying to do with the exercise and therapy is to increase the space between the head of my humerus and the muscley rotator cuff..and to make the rotator cuff more pliable. Right now it is like an old piece of leather..a cranky one. My supraspinatus tendon is the one giving me fits, it is in front of your shoulder and runs around to the back. I am not suppose to do anything that makes my shoulder hurt..I immediately said "Well cooking is totally out of the picture then." Seriously…. anything that involves reaching above my head or behind my back causes pain that will bring tears to my eyes. I have the worst time with my hair..I brush it all with my left arm..I am thinking of shaving my head so Far Guy and I match. I am somewhat ambidextrous..I can throw the ball with my left arm..not with much accuracy..but Chance is forgiving. I also have a hard time getting dressed..and sometimes I get all tangled up in my bra.. Far Guy is patient and when I have a bra emergency he comes running. Mike the guy with the hands..says quote "Flu shots often get too close to your bursa and cause inflammation.. you are not the first one to complain about a badly placed Flu Shot. " He also said it may take another cortisone injection and three or four months to make a difference. Not the news I was hoping for..I never realized how many people slug me in the shoulder..and how much hugs hurt..and how freaking miserable I can be…but now that we FINALLY have a should get better a little at a time.

The lesson..I will never ever get a flu shot in my arm again. If they won’t give it to me in my butt or my leg..then I will refuse it. We still haven’t gotten the H1N1 Flu has just recently reached Minnesota. Maybe we will just skip it. Getting older sometimes really sucks:)

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7 Responses to Sad Shoulder Saga

  1. abra la mente says:

    Oh my, I can so relate to this post, and I see so much of me in you! My exception is it is my left shoulder and I haven’t yet been to the regular medical doctor. I have had discussions with my chiropracter, and a couple suggestions which didn’t work. He has mentioned both bursitis & possible torn rotater cuff. He asked if I fell or somehow injured myself. I couldn’t remember anything specific, but I trip and bump several times a week. I will never win Queen of Agility! After thinking very hard about it, I can pinpoint two times where I might have injured myself, but I am so used to getting up & moving along. It isn’t until the chronic pain and/or bruises show up that I take pause. By then, I often forgot the incident that caused the reults. I was hoping it would ease up during mylayoff from my seasonal job, which really irritated it. The chiropracter reminded me Wednesday that I should go see a doctor…I suppose it’s about time. It’s been a few months & it isn’t getting better on its own. Ugggghhhh!

    I hope your shoulder starts to improve now that you are getting treatment. Keep us updated–I know I will be interested!!

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    I was wondering about the shoulder pain mentioned in your post about making the heavy curtains (which are very lovely). I am so sorry to hear of your painful experience. I knew someone who had a damaged rotator cuff and had surgery and after a long time was fine. I hope you don’t have to endure the operation and that your physical therapist and doctor can help you keep the pain manageable. I can’t imagine how someone gets along with an injury like that if they live alone. You need help with some things. Like hubby and tell each other regularly, at least we have each other and what he needs help with I can do and he helps me with what he can do. You are right about getting old. And I am older than you!

  3. Gizzy's Mom says:

    Oh my, I could sooooo feel your pain. In December, I completed an extended period of physical therapy for adhesive capsulitis….”frozen shoulder”. The physical therapist said she knew I was on the road to recovery when I stopped needed kleenex to mop up my tears during my treatments. I also had the ultrasound treatments and stretching exercises. I was unable to lift my arm over my head and needed help doing ordinary “stuff”. Deciding what to wear and how to put it on painlessly was a chore. It was just so frustrating. I hope your therapy helps you quickly. (The pain patch looks interesting. No one offered me one of those.)

  4. buffalogal says:

    I injured my right shoulder in 1982 washing walls while cleaning for a graduation reception..dumbest thing I ever did but I did it.
    I finally got over it in 1989 when my son the chiropractor opened his clinic in Fargo and I had intensive therapy with a lot of ultrasound treatments. My shoulder healed up and has stayed well all these years.
    I had physical therapy first and it helped but it was not completely healed until I got the extra ultra sound. Good luck with your sore shoulder!

  5. Ann says:

    Wow I wonder if that’s what set Dave shoulder of this year. He got both flu shots. Was just to Dr on Thurs. They gave him a shot. Then hes off to therapy also. He has bursitis in both of his hips also. Getting old sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ms. C says:

    Far Side~ so sorry to hear about the shoulder situation, but gratified to hear that you – the patient – were right all along about the placement of the shot. I do not like when medical professionals poo poo patients’ assessments of what might be involved. After a few decades of living with a body you come to know it and what affects it.

    I hope your shoulder improves and there is no sports bra judgment coming from here. 😉


  7. ineeda says:

    Hi Farside,

    Sorry to hear about your sore shoulder. Does it hurt on the front side? Probably hurts all over by now. I ask because mine get sore spots in the front – mostly in the summertime when I do more yardwork, digging, etc. It really hurts to throw anything. Years ago my mom had a frozen shoulder. It was taken care of with some kind of treatments (chiropractic?)and she’s never had trouble with it since. I hope yours feels better soon.

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