A Gift From A Friend

The phone rang before eight yesterday morning..mail sorting time. It rang twice before Far Guy lept out of bed to answer it. I paid no attention..if Far Guy wants to traipse into the Post Office..fine. I would have just said "Deliver it" Our postman is such a dork..any package we get..he calls and whines that it won’t fit in our mailbox..or he calls and tells us that it is hung precariously from our mail box, and we better run out and rescue it. Now if his substitute Melanie is working his route, she just delivers it to the door..with a smile, and without a phone call. Anyway I keep track.. and I am losing but only because of Far Guy..he caves every time. So Mail Man 1 and Far Side 0 at the beginning of year three.

I covered my head and went back to sleep..it was too cold to get up anyway. Far Guy and Chance drove into town and got the mail. It was a very large box that they came back with! I spied it in the center of the table when I was roused by someones very cold nose that signalled he was back from a very important trip. Far Guy immediately stood next to the table with his pocket knife at the ready. I was so excited..I didn’t take any photos ..until later! The treasures inside were heavily wrapped, there was a box within a box and lots of fluff.

There was a lovely little note..and three shiny brites ..one of which was in my sought after orange color..I am in Shiny Brite heaven with this color!

There were seven ornaments from Poland. Three are indents. The colors on these little treasures is just too much. To think that they made the trip long ago all the way from Poland to the United States..to a tree in the 1950’s in Illinois..to be enjoyed by a little girl who would grow up and appreciate the memory and want to share that memory with me.. so that next year I can tell a story of kindness and friendship to my Grands as we put these on my BIG tree. Rae felt that I would appreciate her ornaments..and she was looking for a home for them.. yesterday they were safely delivered to Minnesota. Thank you Rae!! I have already written the little note that accompanies the ornament into my collection..so your story will continue. Rae writes her heart out at Weather Vane..I am sure glad that I met her and I am sure that you will enjoy her also..she is one of a kind:)


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3 Responses to A Gift From A Friend

  1. abra la mente says:

    What a pleasant surprise! It is kind of amazing the friendships that can be built online–the words we write that reach out and touch someone! I’ll have to go check out Rae’s blog–she must be a very kind, caring lady…I like those! 😉

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    I visited Rae’s blog and copied her recipe for potato cheese chowder. I had been thinking about looking at the thrift stores when I go there for some orange ornaments and there ya go someone sent you some ornaments! That is a nice pick me up huh.

  3. ineeda says:

    Such lovely treasures! That was a great surprise!

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