Hoar Frost and Updates

We only had one day of hoar frost..I was hoping for a double day..it didn’t happen ..or perhaps I did not get up early enough to capture it.

Far Guy kindly offered to drive, and Chance was the co pilot. We headed by a few of my favorite places.

I have photographed this barn in all seasons, I visited with the owner a few days ago..his wife has a bum shoulder too, however it is her left..between us we make one good woman. She is doing physical therapy too.

I had a very difficult physical therapy session last week that set me back. Mike tried to break up all the scar tissue in my shoulder through deep massage..it was very painful..and remained that way until today. I had another ultra sound treatment yesterday..the plan is to keep doing ultrasound and to continue with my exercises until my Orthopedic appointment in mid February..and then see if they want to give me another steroid injection. My shoulder is better, I have less bra emergencies, and I can put my coat on without shedding even one tear. ..so this is progress..I have not cut my hair all off, I am getting more proficient brushing it with my left arm!

I always stop at this bunch of barbed wire for a photo..

The farm where I was born and raised is in the background. I have many different views of the old farm. Someday, I think I might like to try to paint one of these views.

My brother and I in !959, our form of a swimming pool one hot summer day.

My brother, Carey and his beautiful wife who is a Cancer survivor will be arriving later today. They live in Oregon and are coming back to do a little Ice Fishing with a friend. They will all be staying with us. We had some really fun outings planned..but it sounds as though they may be bringing a winter storm with them ..so we will take things one day at a time. I think it has been just about two years since they have been back here for a visit. I am looking forward to arguing with him..just like old times..actually we get along quite well. I am the talker and he just nods his head and yawns:)

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  1. TechnoBabe says:

    We had something here that was beautiful. Hubby and I kept looking at all the branches and wires and fences. He took a couple pictures. We didn’t know there is a name for the lovely frosty icy stuff. Enjoy your visit with your brother and sister-in-law. Hope your shoulder keeps improving.

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