Inside a Dark House

Yesterday Far Guy, Chance and I tagged along with my brother, Jody( the one that lives next door)  down to his dark house. He was opening up the preparation for our brother Carey’s arrival from Oregon. Carey and his wife arrived safely..he was here maybe five minutes before he was off to the fish house for some late afternoon fishing.

This is the Fish House on the lake. The sticks that are sticking out of the snow on the right are where a fish house sat previously..when the house was moved to a different spot..sticks were put up as a marker so that no one would walk into it…. plus there are some hunks of ice that should be avoided by snowmobilers.

This is Jody, cleaning out the hole with a little strainer..clearing out the small pieces of ice. The door flap was open for this photo.

A decoy..snug in it’s home on the roof. Decoys come in all colors and shapes and should be good swimmers in the water…there is an art to running a decoy. I personally prefer some nice circular swimming movements and then resting with just a few little jerky never can tell what is going to lure a Northern into the hole. One of my favorite decoys was hot pink..

Here is a photo with a flash.. of the fishing hole..when I sat down..I sat in the chair on the can see one of the chair legs. Far Guy was near the door, Chance was warming up his feet by the heater and my brother was running the decoy and manning the spear. Three people and a dog..cozy!!

Here is a photo without a flash.. you can see the decoy in the can see the ice is thicker than it appears. I believe the ice to be about eighteen inches thick. The water is about nine feet deep here. This is the view that will make you a Dark House Spearing enthusiast or not. I do fine..some people are a bit freaked out by it all.

This is the spear at the ready..

My brother Jody fishing…we were hoping that something would come into the hole while I was sitting there with the luck.

I hope you enjoyed your glimpse into a Spearing House in Minnesota in the winter. Since I grew up Dark House spearing ..I think that there is no better way to fish. Somehow the danger and the view down into the water has mesmerised me since I was just a little girl. I find it very relaxing. I love listening to the lake "talk" moans and groans within it’s icy depths..and to me that is relaxing and entertaining. Dark House fishing is all about patience..and that adrenalin rush when a big ole Northern comes through the hole:)

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7 Responses to Inside a Dark House

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    That was amazing, wait, I need to get hubby and show him this post!! I still feel nervous just looking at the little tent house sitting on ice, I guess because it is a first time thing for me to see this. The pictures are so good, thank you for taking such good shots and explaining it as you did. I must have a fear of cold water or something because everything about this sounds like so much fun except it happens to be on ice. Hmmm.

  2. Cat says:

    Hi FarSide

    I LOVE the dark house post! How scary is that though, are you ever afraid you’d drop your camera (or your lunch!) in the water?

    Just want to say, if you don’t mind passing this on to Far Guy, that I have the same monster in my face as he does. When I can’t sleep, I read your blogs. Helps me get through the night. Thank you for that.

  3. Far Guy says:

    Cat, sorry to hear you have the monster also. Glad Farsides blogs put you to sleep.

  4. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Technobabe..the lake is safe enough to support a vehicle, but yes the water is icy cold:)
    Cat, Keep reading! Far Guy is taking two benadryl at night to help him sleep..his Neurologist recommended it. I know the night can be long when you are in pain..and I really am sorry to hear that you have TN ..for what it is are not alone:)

  5. PrairieWoman says:

    Put me in the “or not” enthusiast column. I have issues with water; frozen or not. Couldn’t even walk over the walking bridge between Lindenwood and Gooseberry Park.

    The pictures were good and the explanations too. I’ve never been actual ice fishing in any capacity. Thanks for the virtual ride!

  6. CAT says:

    Far Guy: I had the MVD. It didn’t work. So we’re doing drugs.

    And I should have made myself more clear: Far Side’s blogs don’t put me to sleep! They help me stay awake…all those spooky pics of water n’all.

  7. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Cat, Email Far Guy if you would like to talk some more to him. He is more than happy to share his experiences..sorry that the MVD did not work..that really is not an easy surgery either..and the meds for TN have so many side effects. Our hearts go out to anyone with TN.

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