Icy weather

Last night it started to rain..then it started to sleet..then it rained again..sometimes a warm spell in Minnesota in January is not a good thing.

Chance and I ventured as far as the patio which possibly could be mistaken for a skating rink.

My brothers are having a good time fishing..but haven’t caught any fish yet.. one of them  did play catch and release with a minnow…

You are a minnow, you have been raised in a lake, caught and are at the Bait Shop. Fishermen come by and talk about you and all your friends, about how some minnows are more delicious looking to certain fish. You just happen to be a sucker minnow..perfect for Northern Pike bait. Your new owner buys a little harness for you..he wriggles it on your little scaly body..which you must have puffed all up..because he didn’t get the harness tight enough..after a big sigh .. you escape into the icy depths of the lake…free, free at last. But you are still just fish food, fairly lucky fish food.

We had hoped to attend a Hockey Game this evening, two of the Grand girls are playing tonight. The icy roads will probably keep us home. Madison just called and all Hockey Games have been cancelled.

I am reminded of another adventure in the rain, in the winter, in the Ozarks, in the middle of the night. We were headed back to Minnesota from Mississippi. I was driving and it was raining. It was fairly hilly country, going up a hill I happened to glance at a brightly lit window..there was a naked lady with long flowing hair sitting in the window. I told Far Guy "You should have seen that naked lady" ..he missed it..he wanted me to turn around so he could get a good look..our girls were both sound asleep in the back seat. I was tired of driving anyway so I pulled over to the edge of the road to let him drive, if he wanted to go back and oggle over some naked lady he could do the turning around..as I stepped out of the car I slipped and nearly fell on my butt.. Black Ice. No we did not turn around, all thoughts of beautiful naked ladies in windows were forgotten as we proceeded cautiously and carefully up one hill and sliding down the other side while the car was just idling..sometimes going sideways. I never thought it could ever be slippery enough so that a car in neutral could slide downhill..we eventually got to a motel in Harrison, Arkansas. We call that "the night that we were saved by a naked lady." I can still picture her in the window..was she real or not..I don’t know..I do know that I was driving the speed limit and was not aware that I was on black ice.
Stay safe out there this weekend:)

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2 Responses to Icy weather

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    I told the naked lady story to hubby and he said he wouldn’t have said he wanted to see the naked lady, he said if he did that I would probably tell him he could get out and walk. We laughed about this for awhile. Funny writing. Good job.
    I keep laying out salt here. Rained last night so that didn’t help. We are in for the weekend. No going out for a couple days. Funny, now that I know we are not going out I have hunkered down and am writing letters and working on the blog.

  2. PrairieWoman says:

    That black ice is some wicked stuff. Funny story though. Thanks for telling it.

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