Yesterday while everyone was off fishing..etc.. Chance and I went out to take some photos. Our little Jack Pine which was just a troublesome seedling has grown almost before our eyes. Not everyone has an appreciation for the little Jacks.

This morning Chance and I were out again..since yesterdays ice and snow our poor little Jack is a little bent over..his ability to spring back may have been severely compromised.

Today everyone is planning to watch football or play board games.. I heard something about Bananagrams, never played it..but it sounds interesting. I will probably nap during the football game ..what are the chances that the Vikings will get to the super bowl anyway..about as many chances as my little Jack Pine has of complete recovery:)

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5 Responses to Chances

  1. ESP says:

    We might all be thinking it but it is quite another thing to write it down… now we will all blame you when they lose.

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    The nap sounds pretty good to me!

  3. Sarah says:

    Chances are if I wear a silly grin, the moment that the Vikes seal their win. Chances are you’ll be eating crow.

    Just because there composure sorta slips, the moment those vile words leave your lips. Chances are we’ll love them anyway.

    Boo to your pessimistic attitude! Skol Vikings!

  4. Far Side of Fifty says:

    I take all the blame..they lost..I woke up in time to see them lose:)

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