Ice-Cation 2010 Visitors

The quiet descends on the house once more. All of Chances friends are gone. He made fast friends with all of our house guests this past weekend. He woke them up in the morning..his cold nose will do that to you. He brought them his prized possession…a ball many, many times. He was fed an abnormal amount of summer sausage and cheese. I don’t have eyes in back of my head but I am sure that he was fed at least twice the amount that I witnessed.

My brother and sister in law invited two friends, Lou lives in Chicago they met him a long time ago when they were all in school in Tulsa, OK. Lou is a bachelor..he cracked me up.. he said "The husband is the head of the household, but the wife controls the neck and can make the head go where ever she wants." Lou is a marvelously sensitive gentleman, he was in the kitchen almost continually, doing dishes. preparing food, getting stuff for people..what a guy..he is the perfect house guest! Warren is from Oregon..and a talker..he is also single..but I see his freedom slipping by the wayside..he is a huge Oregon Beavers brother met him when my nephew Kirk was a kicker for the Beavers. Neither of these gentlemen had ice fished was one of those life experiences for both of them. They are calling this long weekend Ice-cation 2010. My sister in law and I were totally outnumbered in this testosterone city for the weekend.

One morning Lou got up before any of us..Chance showed him where his treat drawer was located. Of course Lou gave him a treat. My brother said "See it is possible for the dog to train new owners." We borrowed Chance to Lou for the snow fort building at the neighborhood children’s house…the dog came back home and slept for hours.

We talked and argued politics, played games( mainly Dominos) and ate. They fished, went for snowmobile sled rides, built snow forts and watched the Vikings lose their bid for the Super Bowl ( I did get a nap..but woke up for overtime) , they also had a little fender bender when the ice became too slick and a tree got a little close to my parents vehicle but no one was hurt. All in all I think a good time was had by all..especially Chance:)

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2 Responses to Ice-Cation 2010 Visitors

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Sounds like great company and a great time for everyone, especially Chance. Chance eats summer sausage and cheese? Yes, I did see the Vikings lost. Are you going to watch the Super Bowl anyway?

  2. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Technobabe, It was a real stretch of my imagination for me to watch the last few minutes of this I won’t be watching the Super Bowl..I watch the Animal Planets Puppy Bowl that is a hoot:)

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