I like these kind of cats. This one happens to be Uncle Archies mouser. I took it last Summer before my vision started to become blurry.

I have Cataracts in both eyes. My right eye has become particularly fuzzy. I no longer drive at night, and if it is a sunny day I don’t drive either. I drive on cloudy days only…Far Guy loves to be my chauffeur anyway. Christmas was pretty interesting the nighttime lights were awesome..when you have cataracts every little light at night takes on a starry appearance..and appears larger than normal, sometimes a half a dozen lights seem to appear…it is like your eyes have gone nuts with lights. Shopping inside a store with overhead lights is almost painful, the light bounces around so much that I have to squint to see. It has been very frustrating for me not to see the television clearly…I have become a good listener..often times just "watching" TV whilst my eyes were closed. I know, I know, I should have been on top of this situation but I had to wait six weeks for an eye appointment, then I had to wait four weeks to see the specialist..then I have had to wait four weeks to be scheduled for the surgery, so from the time I said "I cannot take this anymore" ..three months have passed. I am looking forward to tomorrow and the beginning of seeing properly again..hopefully. I have heard more positive reports about this Doctor than I have heard negatives..only one was a big bad negative in that the individual lost her eyesight totally in one eye. I guess that is why they only do one eye at a time.

Doncha just love this green foggy photo..I took it last June. My winter weary out green photos.

Am I scared..not really. I am a little freaked out that they are going to remove a part of me that I was born with and replace it all shiny and new.

I was curious what the risk factors were ..of course the first one is diabetes..nope. Family history..yup..both of my parents have had this same surgery, just so happens that this Doctor did their surgeries too. Working in the sunshine, duh..the years in the greenhouse follow me everywhere. Smoking..yes I guess the free radicals that it creates helped to cause the cataracts, and just because I doesn’t make a difference. what can I do ABOUT THAT ONE? None of the other risk factors apply to me ..corticosteroids use..nope, previous eye injury or eye surgeries..nope. Exposure to ionizing radiation..I am not sure what that is..but I probably have not done it. I was first diagnosed with one cataract in 2004.  In 2008 I wrote about a blog post called OLE (Old Lady Eyes).

This is about what I see..everything is blurry. Good thing I don’t drive anymore

The good news..half of you out there in blog land will be joining me by the time you are sixty-five. You probably don’t consider that good news..oK OK..I will go first and l give you a full report. I understand that I should see better the day following the surgery. In time I possibly won’t need glasses..except for reading. I have never been able to see without glasses, I am blind as a bat. They used to call my glasses coke bottles. Plastic Lenses were such an improvement for me. I sleep with my glasses on..I have done this for years..Glasses 24/7 this could all be an adjustment for me. My surgery will take place sometime tomorrow..they haven’t even called with a time yet.

I will catch you all on Thursday..Wistful Wednesday will go on as usual, thanks to the delayed posting options! I am going to be just fine..:)


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9 Responses to Cats

  1. ineeda says:

    Best of success with your cataract surgery. My husband had cataract surgery in both eyes when he was 40-something. Early by most people’s standards. It was wonderful for him, though. His vision after surgery, without corrective lenses, is better than it was before surgery with corrective lenses. He is also one who had “coke bottle” lenses when he was young. So this could be a wonderful thing for you! [I’m a woos with my eyes — can’t even put in eyedrops — so I’m glad I don’t have kitty-racts yet.]

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    I will definitely be interested in a complete update after your cataract surgery. Sounds like you have done your homework though and have good recommendations from your parents. Best wishes.

  3. Sarah says:

    Yes… you will be fine. My husband unfortunately had to have both eyes done… One at about 37 years then the other at 38. As soon as he had the first one done, he couldn’t wait for the next one. He had no problems at all.

    Good luck and Take care of yourself. Let Chance give you lots of love, but no licks.

  4. Sarah says:

    I forgot to say that I love the picture of the cat. I had “Fred” for 18.5 years.. he had the exact coloring, but a different looking face. The closest breed I could ever come to was Russian Blue Seal. Huge cat… lovely personality… very vocal!

  5. susan says:


  6. Ann says:

    Was with my mom when she went through surgery. Took my Uncle to the VA in Mpls to have his done.
    They both were so happy to have it done.
    OK I see the eye doctor in the middle of March so I’ll find out why I don’t see so good. Could be because I haven’t been there for four years??? Wishing you the best.

  7. CAT says:

    Good luck with the surgery. It’s always hard the night before. Dogs on the bed are good for those nights…


  8. buffalo gal says:

    I know the surgery will be successful and that you will come thru with flying colors (that aren’t blurry looking anymore) You might miss those hazy sights when you are seeing so clearly. Love the photos in todays. blog…good cat picture. We had a stray like this one show up a couple of years back but it was really mean to our cat so the Humane Society got it …I wanted to keep it as a barn cat but it was too nasty. Beautiful but nasty.

  9. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Thanks everyone for your well wishes..I am home and resting..or trying too. I will be glad when the bandages come off:)

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