Wistful Wednesday: An Old Snowplow

Last week I was able to sit down with my Father and go through some of the photos in the box that used to belong to his Father ( My Grandfather). Very few of these photographs are marked.

This is an old snowplow..it just happens to belong to one of my Mothers Uncles. Years ago when it snowed, snow removal was hard work. Young strong men had to break the hard packed snow in front of the V of the snow plow. Dad says that this photograph was probably taken sometime in 1938 to 1942. He also said that he is sure his Uncles, Bill, Joe and Levi are in the photo as are his brothers Jalmer, Ervin and Oscar. Now that I have them scanned and I can enlarge them on the computer, I will have him look again to make positive identifications. I believe that I can identify only one person..and that would be my Uncle Ervin. That is only one out of the twelve people in this photo..so much is lost from one generation to the next. ..we have to keep moving on this project!

Look at how deep the snow is..that was lots of shoveling:)

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5 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: An Old Snowplow

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Great pictures. I would not have known the snow plows were like that long ago. That does look like a lot of work. The snow was that high on both sides of our driveway and in front of our house. The pile at the end of the cul-de-sac has been at least six feet high. There was a sign at the end of the cul-de-sac warning of not parking there and it is on a high iron pole and the sign was covered in snow. I cannot imagine having to work so hard to get through the snow like they had to do long ago.

  2. PrairieWoman says:

    It’s pictures like these that make us realize how good we really do have it. I can’t imagine how hard that work really was.

    I got an interesting picture that I want to share with you so you can help me with identifying the subject matter. I’m getting a scanner on Friday…I think…so I can send it to you. You might be surprised by it.

    Hope your surgery went well today. My daughter has a cat just like the one you posted. I like him but don’t tell her that. It’s a secret between me and the cat. LOL!

  3. buffgal says:

    I was an elementary kid during the 1940’s from 1944-1950 and I remember very big snows in those years and lots of storms. WE must have been in one of those snowy cycles. I remember playing in drifts like the ones in your old photos…making caves and igloos and having a lot of good times pretending things in them!
    This also reminds me that my Dad the creative genius of our town, built an early snowblower and went nuts using it in our backyard! It is a good story.

  4. Sarah says:

    My Grandpa used to deliver mail around the Becida area in the 30-50’s, and my mom would tell of the problems he would face. We really do take some of our conveniences (can never spell that word) for granted. I know you won’t read this till probably Friday SINCE YOU SHOULD BE RESTING YOUR EYES, but I hope it all went well.

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