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Firefighter of the Year

Last night was the awards banquet at the local volunteer fire department. The food was awesome, roast pork, real mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, green beans, lettuce salad and homemade bread. Neither of us had to cook..that is a very … Continue reading

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What do you think?

We just got back from "Up North". Sometimes when we travel we take a different road that we have never been on before. Today was one of those days..and we found a nice surprise in a tiny little town called … Continue reading

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German Songbook

This is an very old book that belongs to my Mother. It was her Grandmothers. Years ago books were beautiful on the outside. . From what I gather it is a song book. Not the typical song book that we … Continue reading

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Forgotten Old Photos

If you happened to do a google search and ended up at my Forgotten Old Photos blog what would you think? Crazy old woman? What in the world? Or if I happened to write you a letter and tell you … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: Sno-Daze 1968

Years ago the doldrums and greyness of February were left behind for one evening. At a dance called Sno-Daze. Some school group sold buttons and tickets..we would have a real live band and might have been "The Images" from … Continue reading

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Cooking with Far Side : Spaghetti Squash

I like spaghetti squash, it is one of my favorites. This is how I do it ..  Buy a spaghetti squash..this is what they look like  Cut them in half…being careful not to slice off any important things like fingers … Continue reading

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Sloppy Fisherman

  In Minnesota in the winter, if you find open water it means that you just might see some wildlife. We stopped at a creek just north of us. Someone had been fishing without a license. Not only that he … Continue reading

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Chance : Banking and Biscuits

I like drive up windows, they usually have dog treats. I can always count on a treat at the drug store and at the bank. While we are waiting in line, I start to drool. Not just a little bit … Continue reading

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Bucket List Review

I first wrote about my bucket list in January of 2008. Here is the list: "The Bucket List" has spurred me on to make my own proverbial list before I kick the bucket. #1 Go for a ride in a … Continue reading

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I am all through with Doctors appointments until March now..what a relief. I saw the eye Doctor, my eyes are healing well, everyday is getting better. I am still frustrated by the stupid reading glasses..before I never needed glasses to … Continue reading

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