Making a Difference

Some days I wonder, is all this drivel I write worth the effort? Who really cares anyway? What difference will it make, will my Grandchildren ever read it? Will their Mothers ever allow them to read what I have left behind? Today it doesn’t matter.. cause I made a difference. No not a big earth shattering difference, a little difference..sometimes little itty bitty differences go a long way in the middle of a Minnesota winter.

I heard from a long time friend, Judy..she and her husband love dogs as much as Far Guy and I do. They have two wonderful dogs Jake and Molly. She sent me this email after she read Ringo’s Story.

Thank you for sharing the story about Ringo. I told the folks at the Ottertail County Humane Society about it as they are dealing with a similar situation. Someone was fostering a springer spaniel in town. He escaped as a garage door was closing and they have not yet been able to catch him. There is a man who has been feeding him and it sounds like they are going to try a live trap. So, hopefully they will be successful like you were. This dog happens to be very fearful of humans.

Take care.

I wrote back: Hi Judy, Maybe Ringo’s story had a purpose..let me know how it turns out..Thanks Judy:) Connie

Later I got this one!
Hi Connie — I just got the word — they have Smiley in the live trap and are going to pick him up now. They said now he will have to go into some "socialization rehab" for a while. I think that means he goes visiting to the board members homes. I don’t know! Judy

Of course I wrote back!
Hi Judy, I would like to quote you in my blog that OK or do you wish to remain anoymous? How ever you spell that word? Anymore news about Smiley? Connie

Hi Connie,
I would be honored to be quoted in your blog! I called and inquired about Smiley today. The worker said he is still very timid. A volunteer had sat in his kennel with him for a while today. I’m going to go see him tomorrow. So maybe I will be part of the socialization rehab!

The way I found out about him is that he is one of the dogs pictured on the Otter Tail County Humane Society web page. Then we noticed an ad in the local newspaper trying to locate him. after he ran away.

They call him Smiley because when he gets used to a person he will sometimes flash a pearly white smile their way.


Like I said last Saturday..Ringo’s Story was written in my mind for a long time. I felt a need to share it..and Smiley must have been the reason. A timid dog was captured in time to be given another chance at a good life, I bet that Judy will make a difference in Smileys life too, Far Guy and I are betting that just maybe this is meant to be..and Jake and Molly are going to have a new brother. At the very least Judy will be tempted.

Smileys story is not a new one, he was found in a shed, hungry and will probably take a long time for him to trust again, but at least for today he is safe and warm:)

**All photos courtesy of Chance

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9 Responses to Making a Difference

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    The cruelty toward each other and to the innocent animals that we have to witness! You did a good thing writing your post and reaching out to help in whatever way you can. The good thing is that another dog has been rescued and now will have a chance to be placed in a home where he will show how much he can love and accept love.

  2. buffalogal says:

    Chance—-you have Bette Davis eyes today…you sexy boy , you!!!

    Glad to hear that Smiley is being cared for and was found after his escape.

  3. abra la mente says:

    You certainly make a difference with your blogs and what you write matters to people more than you probably know. I am so happy that Smiley and Ringo have/had people that care. I have so much respect for people that go out of their way to be involved in these types of situations: Angels on Earth!! I love my own rescued dogs more than I thought I possibly could, and while I can’t foster dogs due to our city ordinances restricting numbers, it would definitely be something I’d consider if I lived in the country. For now, I have to suffice with donations to the local shelter.

  4. Geri says:

    Let me tell you Connie your the highlight of my day along with Mary’s blog the evenings are very long. Thank you for shareing. and sorry I do not allways comment I’ll try harder. Maybe I need a dog but what kind and I’m not good at training.One that does not shedd. Maybe a sm one it could travel.Mary’s PD goes crazey when I go Over he sure know it Grandma. But an out side dog would be nice but harder. well I’ll think about it.

  5. Jan says:

    Chase is beautiful. He looks like my grand-dog Lew, great face! Grand-dog Penny has many freckles and not so clean/pure looking…but a very nice little lady! Will have the kids go in and look at your blog as it is so like Lew. Hope you are improving in your shoulder and good luck on the next eye. Will be a good job done! Jan

  6. CAT says:

    You make a difference more than you’ll ever know. So many of us out there in the night. And the nights can be SO long!

    When the Monster is in full bore, I read through your old posts.

    Love your photographs too.

  7. CAT says:

    p.s. to previous: the intolerable nights? I look at the puppy pics.

  8. Lisa Johnson says:

    Hi I have been reading your blog for awhile now. I hope you keep blogging. I love your stories. I look foward to it everyday.I love when Chance blogs too, he is so articulate, my dog can’t even type!!
    I also have Trigeminal Neuralgia, thats how I found your blog through a TN forum. I will try & comment more often. Please keep blogging. I also enjoy Farguys blog.
    Lisa from WA. State

  9. Sarah says:

    Silly girl!

    Definitely agree with the Bette Davis eyes… Be still my heart!

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