Stuck in the headlights look

The other day we were going "through the woods." It was fairly icy, Far Guy said "Well this was dumb, I should have gone the other way." I like the road through the woods, it is one I have travelled ever since I can remember. Sometimes we see turkeys or deer..that day we saw a herd of deer. How many are in a herd anyway..more than two..? All photos were taken through the windshield.


There are four of them, Far Guy slowed down on top of a hill. Chance is a good look out, he was poised to bark. I told him to "be still"..he was except for his body that began to quiver with excitement. He began to invade my space..putting his feet on my leg..plastering his nose against the windshield. Sometimes he tries to hog my space. Far Guy lets him ride in front when I am not along..of course I do the same thing.


I wonder if Chance remembers the time in Indiana, some where very near Paoli..a deer came out of the woods and ran right down the road towards us. That deer was really hoofing it too, I wondered if he had a death wish. We must have had our deer stuck in the headlights look that day.  Eventually he veered off of the road. Far Guy and I were greatly relieved, we have never seen anything like it ever again. Minnesota deer usually just go across roads..hardly ever using them for travel. Perhaps they are smarter than Indiana deer.

These deer must have caught Chances scent, they stomped their feet at us. One by one they jumped off of the road onto a deer trail. They looked to be in pretty good shape. From what I have seen, we have an over abundance of deer in the woods. Just my opinion.

One of the widower silver hairs down on the lake, who shall remain nameless, but he is short and has a sinister looking moustache and is cavorting with a lonely widow..feeds the deer all winter..then in the spring when they eat all his flowers he complains. I saw him the other day..he likes to kiss all the women..he thinks he is a real ladies man, a Casanova. YUCK..I avoid him at all costs..but this time he had me trapped between a wall and a very large potted plant ( imagine a deer stuck in the headlights look), I extended my left hand..and wouldn’t you know it he grabbed it, but slugged me in the right shoulder..I nearly passed out..and he still tried to kiss me..luckily I turned my head really fast and his kiss landed on my cheek…YEWWW.. I wanted to immediately disinfect my entire face.

I have never felt the need to accept kisses from anyone other than my husband and Chance, oh and of course from my children and grands when they were little.

What do you do when a strange man or woman attempts to kiss you? Besides just having a deer stuck in the headlights look on your face? :)

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6 Responses to Stuck in the headlights look

  1. ineeda says:

    I would turn my head really fast. Like you did.

  2. buffalogal, says:

    I would say….”Look out, I have leprosy!”


    YOu could carry a hand mirror at all times and let him kiss his own mooshy face. (Then throw away the mirror)

  3. Lisa johnson says:

    Maybe pepper spray. A good stomp on the foot,
    a taser?? !!

  4. TechnoBabe says:

    “Oh, don’t get too close to me, I’m not over the swine flu yet.”

  5. ESP says:

    At least he didn’t demand a sucker afterward… now you know how Adam feels 😉

  6. geri says:

    Watch it buster!! and run. Next time carry a stick. And handle it like you know how to use it, he’ll get the point.

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