Wood Pile

When you heat your home and your hot water with wood you occasionally have to cut wood or buy some. The woods that surround our house are mainly Burr Oak. We only cut the dead, down or hazard trees. Far Guy will probably order a semi-load of wood that will be a mixture of oak and pine..it gets stacked next to the road and Far Guy cuts it into lengths and hauls it into the wood shed.

This week a load of slabs was delivered, they are pine slabs from a sawmill that saws lumber. They will eventually be stacked in the woodshed.

 In the meantime, a squirrel or a chipmunk will move in. Chance will guard this stack of slabs valiantly, it will occupy him for many afternoons. He is all about the watch and wait, although occasionally he will be victorious and chase something up a tree. The really dumb chipmunks will be dealt with but we won’t talk about that. It is his territory after all, the truck delivers the slabs, he is sent to the house because he prefers to be inside when the earth shakes..but after that..the slab pile is his.

We used to use the wood-stove to heat the largest greenhouse. You could practically stand outside and shove wood in the stove all night long.


My sore shoulder has gotten me out of heaving heavy pieces of wood in the wood-stove this winter. Far Guy adds wood to the wood-stove once a day, the house is kept a very comfortable 74 degrees. I can wear shorts in the winter..and I do!

Having an outdoor stove has advantages. The wood mess is kept out of doors. The fire hazard is out doors also..although an occasional chimney fire sometimes just happens.

 This one was real pretty. it wasn’t dramatic enough to be a problem. Far Guy just watched it..this was last November. It is just the creosote burning off the walls of the chimney. In the spring if it is dry we will shut down the wood stove, although there is a certain amount of safety living in the oaks..a small fire in the oaks doesn’t travel like a small fire in the pines. I sometimes worry about a bug or disease coming through and wiping out all the deep shade that the oaks give us in the summer..this spring we will plant a few pines. Not a forest full, not in rows that can be a fire trail ..just here and there throughout the woods:)


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5 Responses to Wood Pile

  1. buffalogal says:

    Don’t plant any green ash!! We are sweating out the possible invasion of the Emerald Ash borer already found in the Twin Cities area. Our nice woods could be wiped out if it gets here.
    I love your burr oaks…I have not heard of any diseases affecting oak trees but I imagine there are some…nature doesn’t let any species off the hook.
    Is your outdoor stove like a Hasa? I think that is either Finnish or Swedish and our neighbors had one some years back heating their entire house from the outdoor wood burner. They used creosoted railroad ties (throwaways) and they burned for a LONG time.
    Chances woodpile chipmunks are kind of like Kitty’s wild bunnies she watches from our east window when I put out carrots for them!!!

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    Nice writing. Some ways of nature are just that: natural. I like how you work with nature where you live. Sorry to hear your shoulder is causing you pain. Maybe that yucky guy clapping your shoulder was bad for it.

  3. geri says:

    Love the warth of wood heat and the smell.

  4. Lisa Johnson says:

    Boy hope your shoulder gets better soon.
    We use wood heat,but not the cool set up you have.
    I love our wood stove, but it can make a slave out of you.
    You sure take some great photos. Did you take classes? We have alot of squirrels here. Between the dog & cat they sometimes dissapear!

  5. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments.
    Lisa, No, I haven’t taken any photography classes..I probably should. My method it is all just trial and error..I do love the digital age and the freedom to delete!! Just an old ladies hobby. I do have a photo blog, it is listed on my sidebar, I have met lots of photographers..you can learn many things just by looking at other peoples work..and of course drooling over their equipment. :)

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