Turkeys Everywhere

We are getting snow, the fine powdery kind. We are all snuggled in for a snowy couple of days. Yesterday we went looking for the Turkeys. We found them everywhere.

 In the road…

 In the corn field..

 In the trees..

This was quite a large rafter of Meleagris gallopavo or Wild Turkeys. They can fly if they are not too fat, and roost in the trees at night. They eat acorns, seeds, small insects none available at the moment in Minnesota and berries..I think all the berries are history too. The small corn field that they are in is a wildlife planting..more to attract deer during the deer hunting season..but the turkeys seem to be enjoying the abundance of food and protection found there.

Chance was able to keep his vocalizations to a low growl while I took photos..then Far Guy rolled down Chances window. We keep the windows on lock..cause he has been known to roll down his own window!  When the turkeys were out of sight..we told him he could bark.. poor dog.

Chance loves these little adventures..I do too..these four walls are getting a little old. Perhaps I have a "spot" of cabin fever. I do have enough things to keep me occupied indoors.. it is just nice to get out with my camera and look at something different. I figure we still have another nine or ten weeks of snow, no matter what the ground hog said last week:) 

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3 Responses to Turkeys Everywhere

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Wonderful pictures of turkeys. We are getting snow past couple days and due for two more days. So pretty out. Hope you are having a great Sunday.

  2. susan says:

    Love your turkey pictures I think the second one with them in cornfield should be put in some contest it would also look very nice framed, award winning photo, lots of snow on the trees at lake still very beautiful…

  3. Lisa Johnson says:

    Great photos.

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