The eyes have it

Wednesday was a perfectly good day to go and get my other eye done. The finish, the grand finale in the quest for sight.


Far Guy and my Dad accompanied me, Chance was once again left safely at home. We waited and waited once we got there, they were running really late. Finally at about the time I was scheduled to have my surgery they called my name. I think I was the last patient of the day…things were going really fast, the Anesthetist came in, a different guy this time..not old and wise looking like the last time..and no moustache. I was old enough to be this young mans mother, in fact he graduated from UND School of Nursing in the class after my daughters. I asked him to stay with me during the entire procedure, and that I would like to be asleep just a little longer this time…he said "No, problem" The nurses barely finished my IV and then Dr. B came in, he started squirting stuff in my eye..the Doctors are just not as neat as the Nurses are about these drops..I asked him why in the world it took him two hours to make the drive this morning….the Nurses began to chuckle…he apparently had told them that the roads were bad. Anyway, he wanted me in the OR, saying "Let’s go! " the Anesthetist walked me there.. Mavis was on vacation..but there were some other very nice Nurses there. The Doc comes in and says "Lets do this" ..I saw some lights..far away..and didn’t walk towards them..then the Doc talked about the lens folding ..being too warm or too cold, then he said he was done and the time was 12:04 as he ripped the drape from my face. Done, Yes!! I told the Anesthetist " That was really good for me, how was it for you?" I believe he replied "Truly memorable." He did a great job! He took me to recovery, they got Far Guy and my Father from the waiting room.

My nurse brought me a sandwich and a soda. I began to feel a little faint, some spots whirling madly in my one good eye..then I guess I kinda passed out. Which caused just a little excitement..those poor nurses..somehow they got me into the bed with my feet up. As it turns out Far Guy diagnosed my problem..fluids..he simply pinched the skin on the back of my hand..and the skin clung together. He went in search of some water for me. The nurses came back in and speeded up my IV and in a little while I felt much better. I also drank two huge glasses of water. Doctors were parading in and out, I must have been the excitement of the day.."Let’s go talk to the lady that passed out in same day surgery." I told them of Far Guys diagnosis..they all agreed. Last time I was welly hydrated by the IV before the surgery, this time it was a hurry up situation with the IV just started and my body finally just protested. The handsome Duke, the older Anesthetist with the moustache, came by and said I was all better and could go home now that I had finished all of my IV fluids and drank lots of water.


This time, I was more numb nose was even numb. I got to fore go the massive headache this time. Although I do have some pain and some swelling that I did not have last time. I might end up with a black eye. I rested after getting home, and had a nap.

Thursday I went in and got off the fancy bandages, I can see really good far away, but absolutely nothing is in focus close up. I can not read. This is all totally foreign to me, I knew it was going to happen..but I still was not prepared. The whole not reading thing was complicated because Far Guy insisted that they check out my eye from two weeks they dilated it..wide open..and found no problems..only floaters.

Far Guy found me some reading glasses in the grocery store, but they didn’t fit my face. He just wanted to get home, so we missed breakfast and other reading glass shopping options. I am using an old pair of his reading glasses today. Today I can drive myself to town and look as long as I want, of course I won’t be able to read any of the tags on the I will have to try lots of them on. I feel like crap..extremely tired and very cranky. I just woke up from a nine hour nap and I am still exhausted. I can report that my left eye is happy again, it is my dominant eye..and the two weeks of fighting for "top eye" status is finally over.

As for my sight, it is extremely clear and colorful..whites are white, and colors are once again like I remember long ago. So I can scratch off cataracts from my things to be endured when you get older list:)

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4 Responses to The eyes have it

  1. Lisa Johnson says:

    I hope you get better soon, not being able to read really bites.I bet you did cause a stir when you passed out.

  2. ESP says:

    You don’t look like my mom without glasses! :(

  3. TechnoBabe says:

    This has been quite an experience. It has been interesting for me because you describe the whole experience and most of us will be having this procedure some day. Hugs to you and continue your wonderful recovery. Thank you for sharing all the details.

  4. prairiewomn says:

    Best wishes to you on a speedy recovery. And thanks for sharing what may come sooner than later for some of us. Not looking forward to it anytime soon, but at least I’ll know what to expect.

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