Eyeball Report

I am still having problems, my eyeball feels like it is swollen and bruised, and my head hurts. This eye is nothing like the last eye..it is much more painful and very frustrating. Far Guy took me to town this afternoon for a pair of reading glasses that allow me to read again..so maybe this is the turning point. If not I will be in a fairly bad mood for a long time. I have been silent, napping on the couch, minding my own business, staying out of trouble.. and just sleeping..I am still exhausted:(

Thumper said "If you can’t say somethin nice, then don’t say nothin at all."

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2 Responses to Eyeball Report

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Oh Thumper, Sometimes just telling it like it is is good.
    Far Side, glad you are resting and napping and staying out of trouble. I really hope your eye recovers so that it isn’t hurting or annoying.

  2. Kay Syvrud says:

    OW-itch! I hope this gets resolved quickly so you will be pain free soon.
    I recall a classmate of mine having catatact surgery many years ago when he was relatively young; he talked about the terrible pain lasting for awhile also–in both his eyes. It will pass.
    Take care and keep resting and having Chance and Far Guy being really good to you and waitin on your every need.

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