I am all through with Doctors appointments until March now..what a relief. I saw the eye Doctor, my eyes are healing well, everyday is getting better. I am still frustrated by the stupid reading glasses..before I never needed glasses to read and would often take my glasses off to read. Now I have to put on readers 1.75 ones to read. I got one of those straps so I can wear them around my neck, I have learned to take them off during meals..they end up with food on them..perhaps I need a bib.

I can see really good..20/20 and 20/30..I swear I have the eyes of a new born baby now. The only thing is I am so used to pushing up my glasses that I absent mindedly do it all day long. I also take my non existent glasses off in the sauna and sit them on the shelf in the dressing room. I put them on the ledge in the bath tub, I sit them on the the counter in the kitchen when I wash my hair in the sink. I was wearing my glasses 24/7 even at night..just in case I woke up in the middle of the night I could watch TV..I have slept with my glasses on for years. Now i only have these readers…that will be replaced by prescription readers in about three weeks. One positive thing I have noticed is that I no longer have to deal with glasses fogging up..yippee!! I will say that it is a fairly expensive surgery..so you want to have good insurance in place.. I am just guessing at this point..but I think the total bill will be just under 20,000. Uffda.

It has been a real struggle to gain back my sight, those cataracts sneak up on you really fast. Long ago I would have just been the blind old grandma that sat in a rocking chair in the corner, unable to do any reading, handwork, cooking or housekeeping.

Yesterday I drove all by myself over to my cousins…this was the first time I have ventured more than two miles from home by myself in months. I can see to drive again!! I went to visit my cousin V, she had a brain aneurysm that was repaired at the Mayo Clinic. It was a fluke that they found it..she is recovering nicely and we had a good visit.

I got an email from Judy about Smiley the Springer Spaniel that was rescued " Thought you’d like to know that Smiley has been adopted. Not by us – although we were interested. Another family expressed interest before we did, and ultimately they will be getting him. They look very happy and I’m sure Smiley will have a good home." So that was a good update to hear.

I have been cleared to go back to my exercise routine..I have missed it..the group is now doing inverted sit ups ..my sister in law..she who sees robins first can do well over fifty of them. ( Imagine hanging by your ankles at about a 45 degree angle..they are animals..Far Guy too.) I did 1/2 of 2..as Far Guy pushed on my back to help me complete them. I have a long way to go…I will never catch up..but I will have fun trying! :)

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5 Responses to Updates

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    That is amazing eyesight now. I am so glad for you.
    If I get cataracts I definitely will be the old grandma in the rocker without sight. I have no insurance. You are so gutsy. Inverted sit ups indeed!

  2. ineeda says:

    Hi Farside — isn’t it funny how habits get so ingrained? Like if we move the kitchen wastebasket to a new location we keep going to the old location to throw things away. And you are removing non-existent glasses. I don’t understand how you were able to sleep with them on. You must not have moved around very much!! Glad to hear you are healing — maybe this year you will see a robin first!

  3. Denise says:

    I am so glad it’s all going well with your eyesight. As always your pictures are gorgeous and just plain enjoyable to look at. I also enjoy your stories and look forward to many more.

  4. Lisa Johnson says:

    Glad your eyes are getting better. Hope your shoulder is too. You have had it pretty tough for awhile now, but spring is coming, & you will really be able to enjoy all the pretty colors.
    Thank you for sharing all your beautiful photos.

    I wear glasses, its always nice when the dog licks them!!

  5. buffalo gal says:

    If you get a neck string for any glasses you use, please let it be one covered in rhinestones!!!

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