Bucket List Review

I first wrote about my bucket list in January of 2008. Here is the list:

"The Bucket List" has spurred me on to make my own proverbial list before I kick the bucket.

#1 Go for a ride in a convertible, with sun glasses on and a long scarf blowing in the wind..this should not take place in sub zero Minnesota weather..picky aren’t I ?

#2 Go to a Beach Boys or Moody Blues concert..The Bee Gees would have made this list..but Maurice kicked the bucket.

#3 Play in a World Series of Poker Tournament

#4 Go for a cruise in the Caribbean …and not hear one complaint from Far Guy

#5 Go to Finland for a Sauna

Nope none of that sky diving, race car driving for me..I am going to wait until I get Alzheimer’s to do those things…..:) What would be on your list?

Then In August of 2008 my niece Ellen gave me a ride in her convertible. Here is the story!

Then in July of 2009, Far Guy, Chance and I were in the "pee-raid" and I spent the afternoon in a convertible.

Did you notice anything? I seem to be stuck on number one. I am like a record stuck on an old phonograph, like a car stuck in a snowbank spinning it’s wheels, like a little kid with his tongue stuck to a pump in the middle of the winter, like someone in quicksand..you know like in the old movies..someone gets stuck in the quicksand..then the music changes..and the hero comes riding up on his white horse in his white hat and ropes you in the first try and drags your sorry butt out of the quicksand pit.


Far Guy often makes lists, he actively works on them to see them to completion. He says I am not actively pursuing the things on my list..maybe not..maybe that is what is nice about my list..I am just waiting for life to happen..and to see if any of it just happens to be on my bucket list. If I am stuck repeating number one, one more time I will just cross it off the list ( the third time is a charm) ..and put something else in it’s place:)

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6 Responses to Bucket List Review

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    We all do our lists individually. Your list sounds great. Sounds like you are an adventurous person but you want to be in adventures on the ground.
    I haven’t made a bucket list in years. It would be interesting to see what I would put on it now.

  2. prairiewomn says:

    I only have one thing on my bucket list – get one book published before I die. At the rate this process takes, I just might be dead by the time it is finished. I’ll keep plugging away at it just in case. LOL!

    Stop reading your list and do it. Look up ticketmaster, find one of those concerts, buy the tickets and go. For heaven’s sake woman, those guys aren’t going to live forever either. :-)

  3. buffalogal says:

    Bucket lists are harder to fulfill than Farguys practical lists I think….my BF is also a list maker of things to accomplish. I kind of prefer to “let things happen” myself unless I am forced into something like a necessary housecleaning; then I make lists like “vacuum upstairs; wash bathroom floors; (etc)
    My personal bucket list would have to include:
    1. See the Hudson River Valley on a leisurely car trip from north to south with long stops in tiny villages especially the site of “Sleepy Hollow”
    2. See the Sandhill cranes gather in Spring or Fall at the National Crane Refuge (Platte River) (I fear a trip this spring due to the high likelihood of bad weather in that area)
    3. Having my own bluebird house where I can see bluebirds at our place (I am remembering a wonderful day at your place last summer)
    4. Seeing all my grandkids happily married and established in their own homes and lives.
    5. “See the marketplace in Old Algiers”….(I am kidding)

    I know I will think of more later so I might add to the bucket list in another blog commentary!!!

  4. buffalo gal says:

    P.S. I already am adding to my bucket list:

    *see Old Boston, the John Adams home in Braintree MA
    *see Mt Vernon and Monticello
    *see all the Civil War Sites and the Revolutionary War sites
    *totally drive around Lake Superior!!! (take a week or more to do it)

  5. Abra La Mente says:

    Weren’t you and Farguy going somewhere warm for your 40th–make it the Caribbean & cross that off your list–or Finland–the sauna would be real warm!! And those concert choices are great, but they do may be kicking the bucket if you don’t hurry; since Far Guy is so good at lists, perhaps he should be in charge of your list, too!

    My bucket list would include finishing a couple family history books and hopefully publishing something other than those as well; a return trip to Europe, hopefully hitting the lands of all my ancestors (Austria, France, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Germany); a trip to Japan to visit my nephew; a road trip every year or two until I’ve visited every state(seeing at least one landmark in each, not just passing through-almost half done)-will need to fly to Hawaii; organizing and digitizing all of my photos, making scrapbooks for each child; organizing my house and life, then keeping it that way; & finally, developing a green thumb and then proceeding to have a beautifully landscaped yard and a bountiful garden. The last couple are probably the least likely of my list to accomplish, and that is why they are last! I am sure I have many more, I just need to think about it, and then maybe go watch that movie for inspiration! Am I the only one that never seems to watch any movies?

  6. Lisa Johnson says:

    I’m going to have to make a bucket list.
    I would like 1 of my children to give me a granddaughter. Can that be on the list?

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