Wistful Wednesday: Sno-Daze 1968

Years ago the doldrums and greyness of February were left behind for one evening. At a dance called Sno-Daze. Some school group sold buttons and tickets..we would have a real live band and everything..it might have been "The Images" from nearby Menahga. They were a pretty good band…not as good or as crazy as "The Unbelievable Uglies" but cheaper. The dance took place in the high school gymnasium..with the band on the stage..and lots of dancers on the wood floor. Some one served punch, in little plastic cups, and the teachers were chaperone’s.

 I bought a brand new outfit, an angora sweater and a matching wool skirt from O ‘Mearas in Detroit Lakes..it was the place to go back then for teenage clothing. Of course the skirt was fairly short..it was three or four inches above the knee..long by today’s standards. Far Guy wore a sport coat with dress pants. he also wore a white shirt with a dickie underneath it. Dickie’s were very popular back then. For those of you who do not know what a dickie was, it is just a turtle neck with a flap in the front and a flap in the back..you wore them under shirts or blouses. You just pulled it over your head, and smoothed down the flaps, it looked like you had another shirt on underneath.

 I was a Junior that year, Far Guy was a Senior. I helped him get through Advanced Algebra, I sat in front of him in Study Hall. Until that fateful day that he sat in my chair instead of his, I had absolutely no intention of going out with him, much less falling hopelessly in love with him. He had dated my best friend Cathie, the year before. Besides that he had two girlfriends, they were all he could handle..and sometimes he even ignored them. I was playing the field, and just had lots of friends…. I had two study halls, in the other study hall I sat behind "Gravy". That was his nickname then and that is his nickname now. At Far Guys 40th Class Reunion, Gravy gave me a big hug, Far Guy later asked me " Did you ever go out with Gravy?" No..I replied..I sat behind him in study hall, but he never sat in my chair:)

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5 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: Sno-Daze 1968

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    My hubby came in and saw your pictures over my shoulder and the first thing he said was “He has on a dickie”. I said that is what you said in the post. And then he said the dickies he wore were reversible, maybe white on one side and red on the other. Amazing. I did not know about a dickie until today and then I learned two things at one time.I like the photos of you two sweethearts.

  2. Sarah says:

    Good morning. I am only 43, but Dickies were still around when I was young. I grew up shopping for “events” at O’Mearas in Bemidji, and my mom who will be 77 this summer, went there while dating my Dad.

    Thanks for the tips with the squash. I am finally growing up enough to somewhat like it.

  3. buffalo gal says:

    Dickies! I remeber them well; we wore them under sweaters instead of blouses and they were great. Wish they were still available.

  4. Lisa Johnson says:

    I remember dickies. Great photos of you both.

  5. abra la mente says:

    You were, and still are, such a cute couple! As for the dickey, I had some, and think I still do. Good news, Buffalo Gal: you can still get them. This website lists them as medical devices (they keep your neck and chest warm)! At only $4.95, you could stock up! I also saw some that were an oxford shirt dickey. Google it & see what you can find. Now that I seem to have an internal furnace, these would be nice to get the layered look without the warmth.


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