Forgotten Old Photos

If you happened to do a google search and ended up at my Forgotten Old Photos blog what would you think? Crazy old woman? What in the world? Or if I happened to write you a letter and tell you that I have a photo of one of your relatives, or if I happened to call seem excited ..but never call back to make arrangements to look at all the other photos that could be your relatives. Lordy I must sound scary. I really am not.


A photo that Mildred shared of her hometown in 1900.

Old photographs seem to fascinate me. Recently over at my Forgotten Old Photographs blog we have been able to reunite some people with old photos of their relatives. I get a bit excited. as do my readers over there..the last discovery was made by a google search!


Tin type that Norkio shared taken sometime from 1873 to 1895.

Long time blog friend Abra assists me when she can researching names, a new friend Norkio is ever so kind to explain about the clothing that women wore in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.


A photo that Jinglebob sent me from his Grandmothers collection, this photo was taken in 1910.  It is one of the photos headed to its home with relatives.

The Forgotten Old Photos blog was just a began with a few photos from an Antique Shop. Then Jinglebob a blog reader sent me some of his Grandmothers forgotten old photos..we have now returned five photos to their homes, and Jinglebob is learning more about his Grandmothers family and friends everyday. Mildred mailed me photos of her home town of Alpharetta Georgia in the early 1900’s. Norkio emailed me copies of Tin Types that she had. Noriko is involved with a small group of people that are reenactors, who love literature and making historical booklets. It has been quite an adventure! I still have a stash of old forgotten the adventure will continue. If old photographs are something that interest you..stop on over..we are a friendly small group:)

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4 Responses to Forgotten Old Photos

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    I will visit there next. I like old photos for so many reasons. I love to see what things looked like years ago, and what people wore and what toys they played with and the old cars!!

  2. Ann says:

    I just received a box of old photos from 1931 last week what fun. need to get to my mom’s to see how many we can put names on.

  3. prairiewomn says:

    I have one for you Far Side that was in my grandmother’s things. I think it is a relative of my Grandfather. It appears to be a German soldier from WWII; I think. I can’t find your email address though. If you email me I will send it to you for your site. There is a last name on the picture.

  4. abra la mente says:

    I have so enjoyed going on this journey with you! It truly has been one of the most interesting history projects I have ever participated in. Who knew one could get so interested in someone else’s family history? I will be searching flea markets and garage sales for old pictures this summer. The ones in the antique stores tend to be expensive. My mother-in-law didn’t give ALL of her older photos away, I discovered, so I will be working on scanning and identifying those, as well.

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