German Songbook

This is an very old book that belongs to my Mother. It was her Grandmothers.

Years ago books were beautiful on the outside. .

From what I gather it is a song book. Not the typical song book that we are used to seeing.


This is the first page in the book.


This is the back cover.

This is the spine of the book.

A German book of Hymns and Spiritual Songs. I am not sure if the 1877 means may just be a number that the German printer delegated to this book as it was printed. I did a Internet search and found a book similar to this one on eBay, but it was not in as good of shape from 1892. So I will venture to guess that this one was published before 1900.


Somehow this book came to America, probably by ship..probably with a person. Of course the person must have been able to read German. I have never been able to grasp a foreign language although I did take three years of Latin in high school..which helps you identify words.. you can speak Latin I guess..I can still recite the Pledge of Allegiance..but only because I said it every morning in school for three years. The horrible conjugation of verbs…present, past and past perfect used to drive me nuts, it was all memorization. If conversational Latin ever becomes the "in" thing to participate in..I have a head start:)


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6 Responses to German Songbook

  1. dumbo says:

    I don’t think this is a songbook. My German especially the part about reading the original German script is way out of practice. But I think this might have been a catechism book. It appears that it was published in Berlin in 1877. The author is probably John Vorst. I would need to be at home with my German-English dictionary to get better translations of the big words. Hopefully one of your readers is more up to date on their German and can read the script.

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    This is a wonderful old book. And in such good condition.

  3. abra la mente says:

    I don’t know much German, never took it as a language, but have been able to use it occasionally in deciphering family records, but with the help of a German/English dictionary and the German script alphabet, I came up with this: geistlich=spiritual, clerical, sacred; und= and; liebliche=lovely, charming, delightful; lieder= songs, tunes; der geist=the spirit; des=?; Glaubens=creed, profession of faith; durch=through

    That is all the further I got, but I think it may mean that these are spiritual songs (or possibly chatechism) that are part of the profession of faith through the Lutheran church.

    I am 99% certain the book was published in 1877. Many of my older books have the date with a period behind it–not sure why, but I have several like that.

    The book is in very good condition and has obviously been very cherished through the years! Very nice!

  4. farside says:

    Dumbo called me from Arizona..he said it is a Book of Praise Hymns for the spirit. Thanks everyone for the comments on this lovely old book:)

  5. ppb says:

    I haave one that my Daddy got when he was confirmed. My dad was born in 1907. His parents migrated to America is the late 1800’s (early 1900). He told me it was a Songbook and he could read and speak German.

    • Debbie says:

      My son has a book very similar to this book that was his great grandfathers, except it has 1857 on back of book, and some one has translated the 1st page of the book that says: New Collection of old and new songs which are sung in the Prussian Churches and also some Prayers to honor God and to bring Humility to the congregation in public and at home. Published with the privilege of the most honored King of Prussia. Newest, unchanged copy Besides Gellert’s and other new songs. Konigsberg printed and bound by Schultz Bookbindery. I would like to find out more about it.

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