Firefighter of the Year

Last night was the awards banquet at the local volunteer fire department. The food was awesome, roast pork, real mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, green beans, lettuce salad and homemade bread. Neither of us had to cook..that is a very good thing!


Our nephew Josh was chosen as the Firefighter of the year. It was in my opinion well deserved, he was instrumental in getting a whole group of younger guys interested and signed up and into Firefighter One Training and First Responder Training. Firefighter of the year is an honor that is voted on by your peers. Getting more members was crucial, many of the guys are getting older, and a new fire-hall will be opening in April ten miles from the other both halls need to be manned by volunteers. Station One and Station Two..we are very fortunate to have young men of Joshua’s caliber volunteering their time day and night.


Far Guy got a ten year pin, he asked if it was the first ten years or the second ten years, they are always plucking him out of retirement because all these young guys have day jobs:)


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2 Responses to Firefighter of the Year

  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    Congratulations to Josh for his award! The fellows who volunteer for small town and rural fire departments are the most wonderful people!
    They once saved our old house from burning completely down and I will never forget my gratitude to them.
    FarGuy gets my thanks and congrats for being so faithful to help even after he was “retired” from the firefighters…or wasn’t he? Maybe they never let him retire.

  2. Ms. C says:

    FS~ Congrats to Josh and God bless all firemen. Next time Josh is in MD tell him he should visit the Fallen Firefighters Memorial at the National Fire Academy…gives one pause.


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