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Wistful Wednesday: Easter 1956

Easter in 1956, Far Guy is holding the eggs really gently..his sister has a new coat and hat..and looky at that wonderful little handbag. Far Guy would have been six, his sister was almost eleven. It looks like there was … Continue reading

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Chance: Happy Trails

Hey! It is I, the wonder blogging Border Collie. I have several trails throughout the yard. Ball trails. I like to play ball! It is one of my jobs.  I follow one of my trails, going way out and around. … Continue reading

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Ice and No Robins Yet

There is still ice on the lakes. However if our warm weather continues it will be an early ice out. This is Lake Bemidji, I took this photo last week. Ice being shoved ashore is a normal thing. Sometimes it … Continue reading

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Whats Blooming?

The Pussy Willows…the joy of finding these was kinda over shadowed by the dead as a doornail drowned beaver.  These little green berries are on the forest floor among the Oaks. I have no idea what they are. I have … Continue reading

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Paige our youngest granddaughter is in the fifth grade. The fifth graders put on a live wax museum for their entire school and parents, grandparents..etc.. she was going to portray Helen Keller. We discussed what she should wear, and how … Continue reading

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Fifty Six Years Ago

Fifty six years ago my status as an only child, something I am sure that I excelled at, came to a screeching halt. My brother entered this world during a cold winter day and then it stormed for an entire … Continue reading

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Chance and I went on an adventure on Tuesday. We went down to the river..just one mile away. Last year this culvert was washed out, this year the township has repaired the road..and hauled in some fill. I pulled over … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: March 20, 1949

This is a photo of my Mothers family in 1949. Sixty-one years ago. I am not sure what the occasion was. My Grandparents are on the far right and my Mother is in the back row on the far left. … Continue reading

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Bluebird Houses

Far Guy just finished making some Bluebird Houses..we had two last year..this year we are adding six new houses..we spread them through out our property. Last year we had one nesting pair near the house and one nesting pair along … Continue reading

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Labors of Love

Our daughter Jen resurrected some of her Grandmothers old recipes. The ones written in her Grandmothers hand. She made a scrapbook for herself, and gave a copy to her Father. Since then we commissioned another copy that was given to … Continue reading

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