Marching in like a sheep

March is finally here, one month closer to unfrozen. Yesterday we stopped by the fishing derby for lunch.

There was so much flooding on the ice that we didn’t stay long, the wind was brisk out on the lake..even though it looked warm it was cold. Lunch was a hot dog and a homemade brownie. Far Guy had to wade to the concession stand..he had waterproof boots on.. I did not.

They should have had a "Wadetress" and they should have had two windows open..instead they fumbled around with just one window open…if the line had been longer we wouldn’t have waited. They don’t seem to "get" it ..they have two hours to sell as much as they can..and they would sell more if people didn’t have to wade in water and wait in line. It is the area Sportsman’s Club that puts on this fishing derby every year the last Sunday In February. It is their main source of income. No, I am not joining this club..I don’t like meetings. If you ask me there are way to many meetings in this world..we need less talk and more action.

Well I guess March is coming in like a Sheep..for your viewing enjoyment I give you a glimpse of my sisters sheep..and a photo taken last June, when the grass was all green!

Here is a crack in the ice on the lake..for those of you who live in warmer parts of the USA and can’t believe that we actually walk, drive and fish out on a frozen lake. Today it is way above zero ( 20 degrees!! headed for the mid 30’s..yes this is cause for great excitement!) ..a rather pleasant March like day in Minnesota..not baaaad at all:)

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3 Responses to Marching in like a sheep

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    It is 36 degrees F here today and I am rejoicing! The sun is out. I see a small portion of the back yard for the first time in over two months. This is awesome. I like the pictures of your sister’s sheep.

  2. buffalo gal says:

    It had slipped my mind this morning that March truly has come in like a “lamb” I hope this lamb stays around for a long time—we need it and deserve it ; us sitting amid our huge snow piles from December and January!

    “Sheep May Safely Graze” by Johann Sebastian Bach: beautiful music and such a wonderful picture of your sister’s sheep safely grazing last summer; it warms my heart to see the picture.

  3. East Side Professor says:

    You have been loading quite a few photos on this blog lately… are you changing it to be a photo blog?

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