Friday Night Fun

Friday night we were the last minute substitution for a couple that couldn’t attend Bunco at our daughters. It was a good excuse to have her cook for us, and to spend some time with their friends. Far Guy had never played Bunco before, he found it entertaining. Bunco is a dice game, played with three dice, you roll designated numbers and if you get all three dice to roll the same number it is a Bunco! I love the fast pace of the game..not much time for visiting. I hit a winning streak and spent the last six turns with the same partner, a Dutch fellow who I am certain thinks I am a bit nuts. I won..Jen gave out prizes..a Movie Night complete with a DVD ( Zombieland.. a comedy) and enough candy to start my own concession stand. Far Guy won too..he had the most wipe outs..that is when you get three dice that match but not the number you were seeking for a bunco..he got Gourmet M and M’s. I am a pretty competitive person, I love games, and needlesss to say I can really get into the rolling of the dice!


Far Guy, Chance, Miney and Elvis.

Of course, Chance went along..he did pretty good with the new puppy Elvis. Little Elvis is growing. I am not real high on his popularity list..he is fourteen weeks old now. and needs to be put on the leash I put the leash on him..he is pretty stubborn.. he just sat there looking pathetic..until my son in law rescued him. I think perhaps Elvis is pretty spoiled. He seems to be a gentle little guy, he doesn’t even bite your fingers or toes very hard..he has a soft mouth. Far Guy of course is very popular..Miney loves him most of is sickening..she could almost be his fact he says that she is really his and that she is just living with these other people for the moment:)

Grandson Adam and Elvis.  Elvis is a Shetland Sheepdog or a Sheltie, he is a, white and sable.

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2 Responses to Friday Night Fun

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    We have never played Bunco but it might be something we would like. We play a dice game with 6 dice at the kitchen table while we eat. Can two people play Bunco? You really scored you winner you!

  2. Kay Syvrud says:

    I do not know how to play Bunco either but I have heard of people getting together regularly to play it. I think I would enjoy it also because I get crazy when playing games like that. When we play word games at Thanksgiving my grandkids think I am a shrieking wildwoman. Love the dog pics as always…..Little Elvis is a darling boy and the Chance, Miney, Elvis trio is a delightful dog friendship group.

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