Backing Up

The new external hard drive ( Hp SimpleSave) works just was a little dicey when I started to delete photo files from my computer..I went back to make sure they were still there several times. Far Guy said "be brave" .. there is no turning back once the recycle bin make that dumping sound. Several files were to large to send they are just deleted permanently.. "This file is too big for your recycle bin..are you sure you want to delete this folder and all it’s contents?" Big gulp.. but the good news is ..I gained back 50 percent of my available space..from 6 percent to 50 percent..that is a big increase..and I could have sent more files to the bin..but when I reached 50 percent..I called it good. So that project was a success!!

 Now I have a question..I have been backing up my photos to Cd’ long do they last before they lose their integrity? And where is the best place to store them? So far I just put mine in a photo storage boxes, that I keep in an armoire. Technically..I shouldn’t have to back up to Cd’s anymore ..but I would better be safe than I will continue. More "stuff" for the kids to throw out when we are old and decrepit.


Today is the first day that there is even a hint of Spring in the air. Snow is melting and we have puddles…by the end of the day we might even have some mud..whoohoo..I am sure it is just a little taste of spring….winter will rear its ugly head in a day or two:)

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4 Responses to Backing Up

  1. pyro says:

    my wife backs up all of her pics to cd’s as well, she keeps a copy here and also one in our safe deposit box at the bank. they can stay there forever ( on a cd) as long as they dont get scratched.

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    My hubby has a backup company he uses online. I don’t backup anything. I can understand you wanting to keep your photos safe. They have sentimental value and you are putting lots of time and work into saving them to disc. You have some really wonderful old pictures.

  3. Debi says:

    I’ve been backing up pics to a flash drive, so I can put the new Windows instead of Vista on our computer. Got the backup done, now have to be brave enough to put Windows on it!

  4. Stacey K. says:

    I backup and organize my photos onto my HP simplesave that has 1 Terabyte of space. I have lot’s of photos too. I also save as many photos as I can onto a CD and save all of my CD’s in my firesafe. My firesafe is full of my negatives, home-movies and CD’s of pictures.

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