A Trip To The River

I am warding off a dreary day with a few old memories today and some photos I took on September 30, 2009.

Last September we took a trip over to "The Farm" about four miles away on the road or two miles as the crow flies. It is the farm that Far Guys grandparents purchased in 1917. It now belongs to Far Guys Uncle. This trip I did not photograph any of the buildings. Sometimes it is all about the river. It was a relaxing beautiful fall day in Minnesota.

 The river and the bridge..I think that Grandmas old cook stove is under the bridge along with lots of other iron stuff to keep the bridge from washing away. I have walked this way with many people. Far Guy, Far Guys Dad and with Grandma. When Grandma was newly widowed she loved company..well she loved company even before she was widowed. She was a special Grandma. I miss her just about everyday. I used to walk with her down to the river, after supper before the bugs got too bad. We walked slowly drinking in the evening air, the scent of grasses and the river mixing..the mosquitoes would always chase us back.

  Far Guy and I talked of the early morning deer slaughter the day we were sitting just north on the river one foggy morning during deer season..it sounded like WWII..but it was only Uncle Jim.


There is a time in the spring when the fish run through this stream..very tempting for a late night rendezvous with a few of your relatives with a spear and a gunnysack..I have never participated in these late night adventures..but I hear tell they were looked forward to and planned down to the last detail during the long Minnesota winter evenings.

 I wonder who put up this fence and how long it has been here.

 The plantings of Norway Pines..provide a different view than we are used too..but they are a great addition. Plantings are here in all ages and stages. Sometimes it is good to go back and not only appreciate the memories of a place..but to appreciate the changes that have taken place:)

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2 Responses to A Trip To The River

  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    What a lovely “excursion” via pictures and words, to a time we are all wishing would come soon!!!

    The days are dreary and dull and if it were now November I would really be in a deep “funkhole”.

  2. Lisa Johnson says:

    Awesome pictures. That fence must of been there for a long time.

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