Water, Water

Water is everywhere, it has been raining all week. I was looking for some waterproof boots..to replace my snow boots that are very warm..but not waterproof. After two days of getting my feet wet and cold I went shopping. I hate shopping. Far Guy suggested a pair of black buckle overshoes, the farm supply store we were at had them too, all lined up on the shelf. They also had rubber waterproof boots..in pink and purple. Now they looked fine and dandy..but I am not a pink or purple kind of gal. Especially not purple..really old ladies wear lots of purple. I was doomed to have vain cold feet yet another day.

 Finally I found some red rubber boots at Wally World..perfect and one of my favorite colors too! A group of old ladies saw me trying them on, and bee lined it to the shelf where the red ones were rapidly disappearing. Red may be the new old lady color this spring.

 Far Guy and I went to the Post Office this morning..there is lots of water running. We are in no danger of flooding here, the snow is melting in the rain and running off into the streams east and south of us. This is all normal spring runoff.

The fields that were covered in snow are showing some dark spots. Far Guy heard in the Post Office that next week the weather is supposed to turn cold and snowy. I don’t understand why someone just can’t start the rumor that it is going to be sunny and seventy:)

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3 Responses to Water, Water

  1. Abra La Mente says:

    Love the red boots! I thought it was supposed to warm up next week–maybe that was a dream….I’m tired of gloom!

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    Okay, I’ll start the rumor: Next week will be warm and sunny and no snow or rain.
    How is that? Hey, if I said it I believe it!

  3. Ann says:

    I liked purple way before I was an old lady. But that just leaves more choices for me. Glad you found your fav color. The water wouldn’t be so bad but we have lots and lots of mud also.

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