Ice Cream and Other Adventures

Jen , Andy and the boys came to visit. Andy was attending a Firefighters Sectional School nearby. He is also a volunteer Fireman. Jen and the boys arrived.. I asked Adam how the trip was with "Little Elvis" he replied " Just fine, no peeing, pooping or puking along the way." Now to an eight year old that is a very successful trip with a new puppy!

I was reminded of his mother and his aunt when they were little girls. I believe that Trica started it, and her little sister picked it up ..if they were upset or angry they would say "Poopy, Potty PEE." in a sing song kind of way..that they would take turns repeating louder and louder until I would say "Enough girls." They would still carry on in whispers each trying to get in the last word..then they would dissolve into a fit of giggles. Now if they were teamed up..they could really shout the PEE part, if they got some of the neighborhood children involved in their "non dirty word" sing a could be quite embarrassing. They finally outgrew least I think they did.

 Anyway we all went on a little "Grandma Adventure" that I will tell you more about on Tuesday. After that adventure we went to The Minnesoda Fountain and had treats. Individuality was the word that comes to mind… Far Guy ordered a fountain Coke, the rest of us had Ice Cream..the flavors..White Cake and Ice Cream, Vanilla, Black Cherry and Chocolate, and Maple Nut were chosen. Yup, you guessed I am the nutty one!

 Noah asked me, "Grandma why do you always have that camera?" I replied "So I will be ready anytime you do something wild and crazy! " So he put ice cream on the end of his nose! :)


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2 Responses to Ice Cream and Other Adventures

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Great story! Good thing you keep your camera handy. This picture made me so hungry for ice cream. This is a really cute picture of your grandson putting the ice cream on his nose.

  2. abra la mente says:

    Yum on the ice cream…almost makes me want to go scoop a bowl…but I am still full from supper! As for the camera, that is a gift your grandchildren will understand and thank you for someday. 😉

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