Monday Morning Wars

We usually have a Monday morning meeting. Far Guy, Chance and I get things lined up for the week and to get on the same page. We really slept this light saving time just makes me sleepy and cranky. How can one hour mess up your inner clock so much? I feel like I have been drug through a knot hole backwards.

My brother heard a Robin.. his wife "she who see Robins before me every Spring" has not seen it yet. She will either call me right away..or wait until I finally see one and then when I call her..she will say "Well I saw one hours ago." With my new eyes..maybe I have a fighting chance..let the Robin wars begin!

This is day number nine with no sunshine. Here is a photo from a few weeks you notice anything strange? Besides the blue skies?


It is a squirrel nest. The squirrel and Chance are having wars..Chance chases the squirrel away from the bird feeder. The squirrel waits for Chance to come inside and then he swoops down out of the trees and happily fills his fat cheeks. If I bang on the kitchen window..he is off like a flash.


The birds mainly Chickadees and Nut Hatches ( Ass- Ups) are the only birds at our feeder during the winter. They will happily feed at the feeder with Chance laying on the patio on squirrel watch. I think that Chance must be viewed as a hero to these little birds:)

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3 Responses to Monday Morning Wars

  1. buffalogal says:

    Happy St Urho’s Day! (tomorrow) I have to e mail my friend Donna R who likes to celebrate St Urhos Day also; she is a good Finnish American girl from “up on the range” near Cook MN.
    I too have just described in an e mail to another retired teacher that I feel like “I have been drug through a knothole backwards” from DST and I also added that I felt like “I had been rode hard and put away wet” as well. My biological inner clock is SO messed up for awhile. The gray damp weather does not improve anything either.
    You are so organized to have a “conference” every Monday!!!!

  2. Jan says:

    I have had a small flock of robins outside my office window off and on all winter! What were they thinking?!

    I went on a scrapbooking weekend with a bunch of youngin’s a week ago…very little sleep. Then back to work for another full week…running through from the week before and then came the “spring ahead” thing. I have no “spring” left to give! And now on into another full week..all blending together in a fog. :( I’ll give it another week or so and then will try to take a couple days off! Happy Spring to all!

  3. Lisa Johnson says:

    I hate daylight savings time.

    I hope you win the Robin war this year.

    My dog & cat have been stalking a squirrel by the wood shed for a month now. Don’t know how its survived.

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