Bluebird Houses

Far Guy just finished making some Bluebird Houses..we had two last year..this year we are adding six new houses..we spread them through out our property. Last year we had one nesting pair near the house and one nesting pair along the driveway in a this year that set can have it’s own new house if they so desire. They should be here in a week or two..perhaps this year I will be able to witness the fledging young. I read where Bluebirds will come back to the same area they were born in..and since we know that our pair last year raised two sets of young..we wanted to be ready!


Far Guy did a great job with the houses. I just supervised. Chance kept him company. The nice thing about Bluebirds is that they appreciate a plain jane house, nothing fancy, they can be allergic to paint and varnishes.


The inside of the panel with the hole is roughed up on the that the little ones can get out of the nest successfully in case the parents don’t build a tall nest.


The Bluebirds that visit here are the Eastern Bluebirds. They eat small berries and bugs. Both sets of parents tend to the young together as a team…some people could learn much about parenting from the bluebirds.


I have to prune the Chokecherry bush that is right behind the nest box that they used last year. It is on my to do list for today.


Last year the Bluebirds arrived on April13. This year is anyone’s guess..the deer ticks woke up a whole month early this year on March 16 compared to 2009’s April 15. There were a few little bugs in the air one the food supply is waking up..they could show up any day..their new houses are ready for them:)

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5 Responses to Bluebird Houses

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Great bird houses. Interesting to know it is better not to treat the wood when making the bird houses. I sprinkle bird seed in the grass here in the back yard.

  2. ineeda says:

    Those look like some really nice bluebird houses. We put out a couple of new houses yesterday, too, but I don’t know if they have the roughed up inside for the little birds to climb out. Hmmm. Hope you get lots of birds!!

  3. ineeda says:

    Ernie asks if Far Guy has some of these bird houses for sale!! And how far off the ground?

  4. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Hi ineeda, Five feet off the ground or thereabouts. I will talk to Far Guy and let you know:)

  5. buffalo gal says:

    YOu guys are SO GOOD to bluebirds! I still remember the pleasant day on your front lawn watching that bluebird pair fly in and out.
    If Farguy makes extra houses (or goes into the business) I will gladly buy a bluebird house. The inside panel with the grooves was most interesting…you are even kind to the babies!!!!!

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